Scum Fun Part 1

bq. On 5/19/05, Mr. Bill Paxton wrote:

bq. From Mr. Bill Paxton,
694 Bryant Levi Street,
London SW7 9VB
United Kingdom
Please Reply to:

bq. Hello,

bq. I am the production manager of a moderately sized chemical company here in London United Kingdom, we make explosives, dyes and plastics. I have helped to build this business up over the years and I am looking for an opportunity for “early retirement”. In my position as the production manager, I made an undisclosed delivery to a Russian buyer and they deposited the payment discreetly for me into a finance and security company in Amsterdam – Holland (I will give you all the details when we talk). The finance company where the deposit was made does not have details of the beneficiary because the purchasing company from Russia only instructed t he finance company to receive the beneficiary’s name from me. I cannot use my name to claim the fund just to avoid any suspicion from my company here rather I need you to stand as a partner and claim the fund then I will compensate you commensurately with an agreed percentage of the deposited fund. The total deposited fund amounts to US$4.6Million and I plan to transfer the entire money to an overseas account, but I need you to help me avoid any legal embarrassment.

bq. All I need to effectively carry out this deal is:

bq. [1] Your full name, phone, fax numbers and address
[2] Copy of any of your legal ID such as copy of your international passport or your driver’s license

bq. Can we make a deal?

bq. Bill

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