Graphic Artists Should Not Be Bankers

They tend to go a little insane.

Rach, (aka ute-free Rachel) called me on our way out of the hospital the other day. Something had come into the bank that made her think of me. She wanted my address so she could send it along. We got it in the mail.

I could see why she thought of me, it was a $5 bill with the words “Gun Owner” stamped on it. Ghost Dog and I dissected for a while what the point of the message is. I feel it is a way of saying, we are out here, we are solid citizens, and we have the power of spending to back it up. Either that, or makes disarmers poor by making them throw out $5 bills.

As cute as that was, it paled in comparison to the envelope it came in. Click on the pics below for a full size shot:

Paint Fumes make me Krazy

Paint Fumes make me Krazy

Dear Lahd that’s some funny shit. Obviously the bank is making her a bit stir crazy, so Rach, here’s your new assignment. Da Kine wanted to have archives on his website, so I tried to upgrade his system. It failed miserably. So, I switched him over to the wonderful wordpress. I actually prefer it now, though for some reason I can not get the kubric background to change. Rach, you are to contact Da Kine, and create a new logo for the top of his site. It should be 760px X 200px. He really wants the current picture in there for his whole page background, even thou I think it will look like ass. We are surely staying with the blue coloring.

And remember, Rach does great tattoo designs as well, if you’re willing to be her living canvas.

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  1. Did your stamp look like this:

    A quick Google search also led me to this site of a collector of various dollar bills stamps:

    The “I Grew Hemp” one is pretty funny.

  2. Jenn you marvel, that is the stamp exactly. Nice to know my analysis was correct too.

  3. since when are you an esquire ?

  4. Hey, I can post comments again!

    All I did was search Google, you are the one who used brain power.

    Comments feed is still broken. 😦

  5. It is not “esquire” -it is Gaelic that translates to “is queer”

  6. It amuses me that Matt, who is our graphics guy at my job, was also a bank teller in a past life.
    Perhaps it’s a standard right of passage for the graphics profession.

    It also falls into the types of jobs I believe everyone should work at least once in their life, like retail and food service. The experience helps one from being an ass to other human beings.

  7. I agree with Kin-Shay wholeheartedly on this one; graphic artists shouldn’t be bankers. I was the shittiest graphic artist/bank teller known to man. I never balanced my drawer, saw no reason to charge a little old lady $5 for a cashier’s check if she had an account with over $300,000 and I took it upon myself to talk people down from ledges when making poor finacial choices. Like the people with three accounts overdrawn in the thousands, two credit cards maxed out who were trying to make a cash advance on their Mastercard for $50. Conversations with these people usually went something like this:

    “I could run this for, but you don’t want to do this.”
    “Why not?”
    “It’s not worth it, man. You’re in debt up to your goddamn ears. Save face. Instead of going out drinking, just go to the liquor store and steal something when the clerk isn’t looking. Drink the stolen hooch at home.”
    “Yeah, you’re probably right”

    My favorite story happened on a Friday evening (payday, first of the month and the teller line was out the door). A visibly intoxicated woman comes stumbling up to my window, asks for a withdrawl slip and fills it out for (you guessed it) $5. Of course, her account is in the negative $700. I inform of her of this and she breaks down and starts sobbing uncontrollably. Being the big softy that I am, I ask her to move aside and cry in the vacant teller window next to me as I need to help the “real” customers behind her.

    Good times.

  8. I wish we got mail like this more often. It was a nice change from the usual junk and bills.

  9. I am truly losing my friggin mind… I had all my friends at the bank read Matt’s comment- it was incredibly accurate and very funny. I’ll put Da Kine’s project at the top of my list.

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