Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide info

While we are mostly right leaning, pro business folks here, once in a while we find a good social cause to get behind. A co-worker filled me in on this cause. I had seen info on it previously, on Showtime, where a libertarian or two helped get a petition signed.

Please, read up on it, do something. And for goodness sake, if you have this horrible stuff in your house, contact your local waste management company to get rid of it.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division – dihydrogen monoxide info

~ by kinshay on 2005-04-21.

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  1. You’re about 20 days late with this one.

  2. Eh, was more for the P&T callback than anything else

  3. You tried this on me in January I think. Sir, please, only the fresh meat.

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