Prayers for Carol

This is late in posting, but deserves attention. My to be Mother-in-Law (kin-mil) is in the hospital. You may know her as Noodnik or Carol. She’s left a few comments in the past and several for Da Kine. She was in for some routine testing and felt dizzy when she got up. The fates aligned just right so the doctor decided to check it out. None of what she had done would have caused her to be dizzy, so the took a head scan. They found an aneurysm. On a scale of 1 – 20 it scored an 8. They did an angio-something to check it out, saw they could not fix it in a non-evasive manner and scheduled brain surgery. She had the first operation last Tuesday. They shaved the front of her hair, say from the ears forward. She was pissed about that, and in a lot of pain, but doing well. They cut some jaw muscles to do the surgery, so she was on a soft diet. Of course, Wednesday night they give her, what? Jello? Pudding? Broth? No. Chicken Parm with ziti? Of course! Not much chewing there.

Needless to say, it caused issues. Thursday morning she could not recognize her husband, A catscan showed a blood vessel in the neck let go and poured blood in between his dural layer (brain cover) and the skull, pushing her brain to the side. They operated again, opening the same cuts as before, and added a drain. She was not really back to normal (normal being what you expect when you have two massive surgeries in a week) until Saturday morning. That’s when she spoke back, followed commands, etc. Two hours later she was completely out of it again, more cat scans, etc … turns out her system could not handle the Dilantin at the rate it was given to her.

As of today, she is getting better. She still can not remember anything before Saturday, but that’s probably for the best. It has been a hell of a roller coaster ride for Rachel and the whole family, please keep them in your prayers.

~ by kinshay on 2005-04-19.

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  1. Holy hell, y’all…
    Thoughts & wishes & vibes are all pointing East.

  2. Good Lord! Thinking of you Rach… who the hell gives someone who just had brain surgery with jaw issues chicken parm? I smell a lawsuit…

  3. My thoughts and best wishes will continue to go to her until she has a complete recovery.

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