Dream Crusher

When we visited Shane in Hawaii, there was much discussion of how he would spend his life as a gimp. He has spoken of and is now giving serious thought to opening a Quizno’s. While Mom warded off a heart attack at the thought of it, we talked about franchises and location, etc.. His dream spot is right outside Kenmore Square, with amazing foot traffic for both Sox games and college bastards. He pontificated for hours about how good a spot it is.

He must have been right.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of calling Shane to let him know that someone else had beaten him to the punch. About two blocks down from Boston Beer Works (heading away from the square) sits a shiny new Quizno’s, grand opening sign and all. He cried for a while, then sucked it up and thought about where else to start his empire.

Good Shit Alert!

Shane has cut his lunch making time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes (adaptive techniques) and started some more intense PT. He can bend his bad knee up to his arse, and almost but not quite straighten it all the way. His gimpy shoulder he is now able to raise at least 90 degrees. Combine the gross motor recovery on that side with the cast removed and down to a splint on the other hand, he is pretty well setup.

Gross Shit Alert!

To help keep the scar on his right hand from being to bad, da kine has some special sort of mat he places on it. Keeps the tissue nice and moist or some such. He noticed a bump of some sort towards the tail end of the scar, and figured it was scar tissue. Then he looked closer, played with it, and pulled out from betwix his sutures a nice hunk of auto safety glass. I’m guessing it doesn’t show up on xray.

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  1. Pulling chunks of safety glass from ones wounds is, as they say, BADASS!

    I’d like more exposition on the “adaptive techniques” that led to his speedy lunch prep times. Unless that means “switching from PBJ to nuked burritos” or some shit.

  2. My understanding is the time is based on the same meal being made. I think the recovery has a lot to do with his aqquisition of a new la-z-boy.

  3. It’s actually because I can use my right index finger and thumb to manipulate things, although nuked burritos sound delish…

    On the bad news, the blood that filled my left eyeball has completely cleared, cutting any resemblance to Al Swearengen completely off. Deadwood better take the blood out of his eye next episode or I’ll be super pissed.

  4. I think it is horrible that he would steal glass from the government like that.
    I hpe no GAO people see this page or he may be asked to replace it.

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