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Shane is getting settled in to healing mode. He made his own lunch the other day, it only took a half an hour. Given how screwed up his arms are, I was really impressed. His PT calls for him to attempt normal behaviour, so he does it without bitching. He has managed to talk the wife into a lazy boy chair, which will hopefully keep him from laying about all the time.

As Jake noted, Da Kine has posted a couple of comments, but word is he is typing one finger, rather painfully slow, so don’t expect too much volume from him.

The pictures from the trip can be found at dakinenotdead.sw696.com.

They are in reverse-date order (newest first) so the pics of Kin-Girl and Bri are them modeling the dresses I got them, then some of Pearl Harbor, the beach, Da Kine’s house, etc…

~ by kinshay on 2005-04-10.

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  1. Convalescence

    Two pics of Shane at home that make me very happy:

    With the lovely wife
    Team spirit (Check out that man-pelt!)…

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