Nightmares Realized

As I alluded to before, I had a fun yet horrifying time going out with Kin-Girl on her birthday. I took her to the Comedy Connection in Fanuel Hall. Last time I was there, we still hit wings at Froggy Lane and saw Bobcat.

Rachel does not really know any stand up comics, but listening to XM Radio, comedy stations, you learn all the good ones. I took her to see Bobby Collins. I find him extremely funny, but not over the top.

The opener was a good local comic, who while impersonating a deer getting hit by a car managed to cut forehead and start bleeding on stage. Best part is he had no idea he was cut.

Now, I hate audience participation. Not the act, but me being part of it. So when we got our tickets at the door, I was excited that they walked us to about half way down the theater, and said, all the way to the left. I thought I was a good 20 rows or so in the dark from the stage. Giant bald guy with a goatee down to his chest makes an easy target. As we go to our seats, I notice, hey, the stage isn’t at the end of the room, it’s, it’s right NEXT TO OUR FUCKING SEATS. That’s right, stage, Rachel, Me. We could, and did touch the stage.

He refered to me all night. Mountain Man, big guy. Luckily I was not alone. There were two groups of girls he harped on too. A queit trio of college hotties, who knew enough to not talk back, and some pyscho bitch who thought she had the wit to take on a comic. Honey, you will not beat him, lay back and enjoy the abuse. I did.

While I hate being looked at by the whole club, etc, it did have it’s perks. After the show Rachel and I got to hang out with him talking for 10 minutes or so. We kinda bonded over the whole thing.

Another good nightmare y’all will appreciate:

Spring is coming.Sure it keeps snowing, but we had a couple of 50 plus days. My Boss, Ghostdog, rode his motorcycle in to work on Tuesday. We all went out and ooooooh and aaaaaawed over it for a while. He started it up, I sat on it. He said something about being careful around the parking lot. I took this as an ok for a spin.

Remember how I said it was still snowing often? The roads are cleared, but the parking lot had a ton of sand all over. I was very mindful of this. I went up one side, across, the down another side. I knew if I went straight to cut back, there would be a ton of water. So I cut back two rows earlier than I normally would have. I had a quick 180 coming up, so I slowed way down (3 – 5 MPH) took the turn and dumped the fucking thing. Thats right, first day he had it out this year, at a whopping three miles and hour, I dump my bosses bike.

If you even want to hear the excuses, here they are:

Not used to crotch rocket
Strong front brake + sand kicked it out from under me.

Doesn’t matter. I dumped my boss’ bike and I am a total loser. He is being cool about it. Helped I think the first words I said to him were “I’ll pay for it.” Makes it nice and easy then.

So, in the past two weeks, I faced three giant nightmares come to life. I’m going for a drink.

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  1. u r a tule…

    let’s dump shane’s bike when we’re in hawaii. (actually, you aren’t allowed near it, you can dump cawt-knees vespa)

  2. We are going to Hawaii to see our injured brother, not to ride Harleys along the beach and go to strip clubs. Though visiting hours are limited…

  3. Rockets are really different animals than street bikes for sure. Unless it’s above say 750cc or so, they don’t have much torque off of the line.. takes more RPM’s than those dinky bikes you typically ride on during an MSF course, or probably any other street bike for that matter. I’ve only rode a few different rockets and aforementioned dinky bikes though.

    I sold my bike this past Fall, but I was just perusing eBay for motorcycles before stopping by ironically enough.

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