Time for Some Levity

By far the best Firefox Extension ever! Note – it goes in the status bar on the bottom, not up top.

Things I need to post about but haven’t yet:

  1. 1. Jake is coming to town (trackback needed as well)
  2. 2. Hot MEs on TV
  3. 3. Kin-Girl’s birthday at the Comedy Connection, aka My Worst Nightmare realized (hmmm, seeing the post prior, I’m changing the working title My Second Worst Nightmare Realized.)
  4. 4. And finally, why you should always lock your workstation, aka Shay is a security prick on the job

~ by kinshay on 2005-03-19.

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  1. Does “MEs” mean Medical Examiners? Please elaborate.

  2. I spent 15 minutes looking for the acronym tag and you ask that question? Argh.

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