Thoughts and Prayers from Everyone

Shane in the Stan

I have decided to keep updating this one post instead of creating new ones, so people coming in on links from other sites can better follow the situation and the comments (a da kine meme as it were.) Clicking on an “Update” link directly below will bring you to the newest section of the post. This post will remain at the top of the front page.

Update Below
2005-03-15 – Update Below
2005-03-15 – Update 2 Below
2005-03-16 – Update Below *Must Read
2005-03-16 – Update 2 Below
2005-03-17 – Update Below
2005-03-18 – Update Below
2005-03-20 – Update Below
2005-03-21 – Update Below
2005-03-25 – Update Below
2005-03-28 – Update Below
2005-03-30 – Update Below
2005-04-02 – Update Below

Da Kine as you all know went from Afghanistan to Kuwait. His job was to make sure supplies and equipment destined for the Stan did not get diverted, and that things went smoothly. One big project he was finishing up was moving some extremely heavy equipment from Kuwait. He oversaw the unloading of the equipment, loading it onto a train, shipping it to the airport, and finally loading it onto a C-117 for air shipment. Friday night he was at the airport doing just that. Whilst waiting for the next plane to come in, he called and spoke to Kin Yah Brutha for about 25 minutes.

Saturday morning Mom got a call for Courtney. While driving back to his base from the airport, the van Shane was driving had a tire blow. The van rolled.

Shane was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital, a civilian hospital that is the best in the region for nuerology. His condition was bad enough they did not want to fly him to Germany right away. His injuries are extensive and severe.

Shane has a fractured skull, hip or pelvic fracture, a rib punctured his lung, and has a possible hematoma. When brought in, they decided against doing a craniomoty, drilling holes in the skull to relieve pressure. This is a good sign per Queen Colleen. He required more than one blood transfusion. He was conscious (again a good sign) and semi-coherent. He responded to commands to move all four of his extremities, and was able to move them.

His lung was re-inflated and a breathing tube put in. They are not really treating his hip/pelvis yet. The major concern is brain damage.

He is not alone, his passenger, and friend, Master Sergeant Brassa was in the van. He suffered some light injuries, and called in for help. He is visiting Shane in the hospital. There is also a Navy Petty Officer from a nearby hospital who checks in on him.

Courtney has been in contact with Captain Rivera, a medical officer in Kuwait, as well an as army casuality assistance officer local to her in Hawaii. Information is coming out slowly, times zones really hamper things as well.

Shane will be kept under observation for the next 48 hours. When they are capable of moving him, he will be sent to The Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany. From there he will be assesed, and the best place for treatment decided. He may be sent back to Hawaii, or Walter Reed in D.C. Wherever he goes, the Army will send Courtney to be by his side. If he winds up staying in Germany for a while, we’ll all try to make the trip over.

Right now this is a wait and see game. Just waiting around is the most excrutiating thing, but there is nothing anyone can do. If I thought it would do any good, I’d hop on a plane to Kuwait right now. But it would not do anything. If Courtney or my Mom need anything, I will let you know.

UPDATE – Courtney has spoken again to the doctors. Shane has 3 fractures to his skull, two left temporal and one base. He has dural and sub-dural hematomas. His left lung has been re-inflated, and there was some other issue with his right lung we don’t know about (minor). Two pelvic fractures on the left side, they will require surgery in the long haul.

He is in a drug-induced coma, and will stay that way until the breathing tube is removed on Wednesday or Thursday. He will be assesed then and most likely sent to Germany. The thought is he will be in Germany for two to three weeks, then brought stateside to Walter Reed or Bethesda Naval. As active duty military, Courtney might be going to Kuwait to be with him. Family is not allowed. The military will most likely send two family members to Germany when he goes there though. Mind you, everything in this paragraph is subject to change, this is the current line of thought.

2005-03-15 UPDATE – Good news, Shane has been taken off of his respirator early. He is still out of it but starting to come around. They will assess him and he may be going to Germany in 24 – 36 hours. This is a very positive sign. Looks like everyone’s prayers are working.

2005-03-15 Second UPDATE – I spoke with Bill Stebbins, NYC Doc. He was extremely exicted about the new development. He stated he would not be extubated (sp?) unless Shane could absolutely breath on his own. He thinks this is an indicator that the swelling being fought by dehydretics (sp?) has been controlled. Shane has been on some heavy drugs, and not being “with it” is to be expected. Now, Bill like all of us have limited information, but going by the standard protocols of medicine, this is a really good sign.

2005-03-16 UPDATE – Courtney just called, she just spoke with CPT Rivera, the military laison to the civilian hospital. Shane is awake and speaking. We are not sure what he is saying, but his nurses described him as a “feisty young man.” CPT R is on his way to the hospital now to visit Shane. More updates to follow…

2005-03-16 Second UPDATE – Mom called Kin-Girl this morning. Master Sergeant Brassa has been with Shane, and called Courtney, then put Shane on the phone! He was still a little confused (insisting Courtney not go to Germany, as the Army was sending him to Japan, keep in mind Germany and Japan were allies in WWII, and he has been sent to Japan previously for duty.) Courtney will most likely be going to Germany tonight, and may beat Shane there.

You may see in the comments below Jake asking about the Folks at The Red Seat. They emailed him from Soxaholic asking for information so they could send Shane some shirts. I am very touched by this gesture, and will email them back this morning.

2005-03-17 UPDATE – I spoke with Courtney last night, she is on her way to Germany. The poor thing left last night (Wednesday) local Hawaii time, and will land German time Friday morning around 6 am. Shane should be getting there around the same time. While they are both in transit, we will not hear any more updates, though Courtney promised to call in a field report as soon as feasible. She has spoken to Shane again, I asked her to get a portable transcriptionist a la Chappelle Show so we know everything said. She said while is is still a little out of it, most likely from the drugs for his pain, he is the same person he was, the same type of humor, etc. I’ll update as I get them, but it may be a while.

2005-03-18 UPDATE – Kin-Mom has spoken with Da Kine! Shane is now settling in to his new German accomodations. One of the medical personnel over there Shane knows from Hawaii, and was kind enough to place a call for Shane to Mom. She said his voice sounded good (better than hers is currently) that he was speakly clearly. He is still being stubborn, insisting he was in a minor accident, and not going into detail about his injuries, other than cursory – stitches in his head, on his arm, etc. He does not remember the accident at all. Courtney is being set up in a room in the same facility, so she will be close by. Mom just kept saying, he sounds good.

2005-03-20 UPDATE – Yesterday I spoke with Shane. I had yet to cancel my ATT Callvantage service, which made it very easy for me to call internationally at 5 cents a minute from work and home. He kept asking about everyone, and would not complain about his injuries at all. I think he is embarressed over all the attention, and really does not like causing all the worry. He was rather intrigued at the thought of soxaholic strip though…

Today I tried calling to get a status on him, and he was not there. He is currently in air on his way to DC! Courtney is with him, on the same plane. He should be settled in some time tonight.

Now I know everyone wants to cruise on down to see him, but let’s be reasonable. I think I will drive down right away (maybe taking Mom and Sheila with me) for a couple of days. After we come back, Kin Yah will go down. Shannon may be able to go over the weekend. We’ll work out the logistics. If you wanted to see him, please check with Sean or me first. We don’t want to overwhelm Shane, and the hospital has rules about X many visitors at a time, etc. Also, we are not sure how long Shane will be in DC, he may be sent back for rehab in Hawaii, or he could be there for a while.

As always, I’ll post any updates when I get them. Hopefully we’ll have a mailing address soon as well.

2005-03-21 UPDATE – Sweet and Sour – Shane and Courtney landed in Dc about 5:30 last night EST, but didn’t get settled in to the hospital until 8 or so. I spoke to Courtney at 8:30, the sweet is Shane really does seem well enough to move. The sour is the fuckers have already shipped him out again. He is currently in air en route to California. Apparently since he is “capable” of being moved, and Walter Reed is rather full, they decided to send him back to his home unit in Hawaii.

Plan is to get to California tonight some time, as the plane they are on travels at half the speed of smell, where he may stay for a day or two, then back to Hawaii. The hospital he will be in is about 20 minutes from his house. I am waiting to talk to him again before I make plans to go out. I did speak to him last night for about two minutes, when he told me he was leaving. I wanted to jump in the car and head down, but he insisted even if I did make it in time, the prep work to get him moved and all would just prevent me from seeing him. He then called me douchie.

2005-03-25 UPDATE – Shane and Courtney are back home in Hawaii. They arrived Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 3 am local. Courtney slept on a stretcher in Shane’s room, then made it home in the afternoon.

Shane suffered much pain doing a shitload of xrays, and the chest tube being removed, but bitched not a single word. As of this writing (10:30 PM EST) Shane is currently in surgery. Injury list:

Three left side skull fractures
One Right side Skull Fracture
Subdural Hematoma’s (Now gone)
Epidural Hematoma (There but getting better)
Right side brain contusion
Pelvis fractured twice
Fractured shoulder
Collapsed lung (not yet fully inflated, put on O2)
Broken ribs
Fractured tibia
Kneecap knocked out of alignment
Tendons and severe lacerations of right hand

The surgery Shane is undergoing right now is for the hand and knee/leg. While he is out, kill to birds with one stone.

The bigger question I have is how the fuck is he alive? I know the answer too. G-d owed us one. We cashed in a few chips the family had, and Shane is still ours.

Kin Yah Brutha, Kin-Mom and myself are going to be flown out Hawaii by the Army. While we were all pissed about the way he was shuffled back there on a medivac chain, once he got there, wow. He has a whole team of doctors, literally a different one for each body part. I have no doubt he is receiving top shelf care. Soon I will be able to report exactly how he is, as he will be in front of me.

Beyond the medical, Courtney’s obligation to the army is up in December of this year. Shane has filled his obligation and they are currently planning to come to Boston afterwards.

I’ll have an address for sending cards and such shortly.

Oh, I asked Shane if he had anything to say to everyone. He thought about it for a good 30 seconds, and came back with:


2005-03-28 UPDATE – Da Kine had no problems with his surgery, they did all they hoped to without having to do the stuff they didn’t want to do. He also walked a good 30 feet or so using crutches. Mom, Kin Yah Brutha, and I are heading out there tomorrow. I’ll update as soon as I can when we get there. Maybe a pic or two.

2005-03-30 UPDATE – We made it to Hawaii. Kin Yah slept for 3 or 4 hours, Mom took “mother’s little helper” atavan and slept for about 95% of travel time. It made it much easier for her and for us. I slept for about 1 hour. Courtney and a woman named Vicki picked us up at the airport. Shane looks good. He has a big ole brace on his right knee, and his right hand is all bandaged up. He has some scabs/road rash looking stuff on his left hand and forehead., and is missing some patches (tiny) of hair were they put in stitches on his melon. He did stay on the couch all night, til bedtime. He can still speak Romainian (we think, we don’t speak it) and remembered things he could not remember when he was in Germany. It was painful watching him go up the stairs, but he went slowly and did not seem in too much pain.

Point of correction – Da Kine was not driving the van. The full story from SGT Brassa is that 4 persons were driving back in a *argh* minivan. A specialist (the term specialist refers to a rank, I think the same level as corporal) was driving. Da Kine was riding shotgun. The specialist was going the speed limit, was passed by some krazy kuwaiti, and slowed down even further. Then the left rear tire blew out. The ensuing swerving to maintain control of the vehicle caused at least two other tires to blow, then the flipping started. Also, when brought in to the ER, Shane was not combative, he was extremely combative. He kept getting up and trying to leave, it took multiple men to hold him down. Given the extent of his injuries, that’s hard core. Finally, Shane’s shoulder is not broken, but is severely sprained.

2005-04-02 UPDATE – Shane is doing well. He had his first PT yesterday. It really wore him out, but he bitched not a bit. Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to mention that Shane is at home. He wanted to get home, and the docs let him go. He goes in to Tripler when he has appointments, and otherwise pretty much stays on the couch. Nothing like having Tivo and Bones to help heal. His pain is being managed well by meds, he has the most trouble with his shoulder. He wants to take us to the North Shore today, and we’ll do some shopping etc. We hope to find some good impact weapons made of wood and bone.

I am closing this thread out now. Shane is hurt, but healing. Any further updates will be their own posts, or can be followed in this new category – Da Kine watch.

Thank you all for your love and support. You are all invited to attend the Corcoran Brothers’ VODKA (Virtual Online Da Kine Award Show and Roast) date to be announced. Please email your jokes and suggestions for categories, along with nominations.

Shane at Home

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  1. Oh, shit.

    Thought, prayers, & love to all of you.

  2. I have served with CPT Corcoran for the last 2 years both in Hawaii and her in Afghanistan. Just know he is inour thoughtsa and prayers.

    MSG Brewer

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  4. My family’s thoughts will be with you and your family this week Shay.

  5. All my thoughts and good will are going towards you Shane for a full recovery. If I know one guy who could pull through this ok it’s you…

  6. This a very tragic moment, not only for the Family and Friends, but alson the Soldiers who has served with CPT Corcoran. CPT Corcoran, you and your family are are in our prayers! One Team!

    SFC Cooper

  7. I’m MAJ Doug Pietrowski from the Joint Logistics Command. Shane and I deployed to the Afghanistan at the same time and worked together for several months during the deployment. I just wanted to tell family and friends that he is constantly in the thoughts and prayers of the Soldiers here. I have always appreciated Shane’s competence and dedication to duty along with his unique humor and wit. I can tell you from personal experience that Shane’s performance during OEF has been nothing less than outstanding. He is a great officer, a true patriot, and his selfless service to the nation has had a tremendous, positive impact on combat operations here. I thought it important that you all know how much he has accomplished and how much respect he has earned from all with whom he worked.
    We hope and pray for a full and speedy recovery,
    MAJ P.

  8. Damn.

    Wishing Shane a quick and full recovery.

  9. Oh My God!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May Shane have a full and speedy recovery. God Bless.

  10. This is brutal. Though, I’m sure he’s in exceptionally good hands.

    Tell us, is there any feeling about long-term prognosis?
    Do we any idea if he’s mostly out of the woods as far as something like brain damage? (I’m hoping with all of my being that this is going to be one of those “He’s going to walk funny for the rest of his life, but otherwise he’ll be fine” situations.)
    Or are we still in a one-day-at-a-time / small blessings mode?

    As much as this is bothering me, I truly feel for you all.

  11. Hello guys,

    Just saw your news. Just to let you know that you are in our
    thoughts and we will say a prayer. We will keep an eye on
    your web page for updates. We hope that he will be OK.
    Dymps will give Karen a Call tonight.

    Dymphna, Paul & John.

  12. Jake, we are all hoping long term we just call him Gimpy and he is the same person otherwise. From what I’ve gleaned they have done some CT but not an MRI which would tell a lot more. I spoke with Bill Stebbins, Shane’s (and Family) friend from NYC who is a doctor. A lot of it depends on what areas were affected, etc. I think they really won’t know until they wake him up.Both Bill and Colleen (who is head of PT and specializes treating the head injured, there’s some fucking irony for yah)came up with questions for the Army doc to relay to the treating physicians. Hopefully they can give us a better idea of what might happen.

  13. Thanks for the info, killa.

    I’m so happy we live in a time of easy information distribution. Nevermind the fact that I’d barely even know you all if it weren’t for the Power of the Internets, but even if I did, I’d certainly not be in a position to know about and be able to keep up to date with this situation if not for this weblog.

  14. I am sure St Patrick will come through for us Thursday and we will
    be hearing some great news.

  15. It’s been a trying 6 months. First my dad, now my GodChild.
    My dad has pulled through and I wouldn’t expect any less from my
    GodChild. He’s in all of our thoughts and prayers.

  16. I am speechless… God is watching over him- I know it.
    That brilliant kid is meant to do great things. He’s a strong
    little bastard- and he’ll pull through.
    Please Please Please let us all know if there is anything
    we can do to help.

  17. I am amazed at how well this blog is for communicating out like this. 24 hours after posting, we have responses, and people can get the info as needed, from literally all across the globe.

    I would like to especialy thank the SGT’s and Major for their kind words. We can guess at what Shane did, but the testimony of his Warrior Breathren hit home the hardest.

    I speak for all the Brothers when I say thank you, for your words, and for your service to your country. We know the sacrifices you make, and fully appreciate them.

    God bless and stay safe.

  18. Shay, so sorry to hear the news…..I will have the sisters at the
    convent say some prayers

  19. My prayers are for Shane. My prayes are with all of you. God Bless you Shay for keeping all who care so well informed.

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  22. Mad love to the Soxaholix crew.
    Red Sox nation is pulling for our boy.

  23. Re: the latest update — w00t!

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  25. The boys and I have Shane in our prayers…

  26. would just like to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers
    for shane and our family in our hard times.

  27. I just got this news since it was sent to my work account and I have been out fo the office for a couple of days. I am very hopeful to hear that things are gonig well and I will make sure to say a prayer for Shane.

  28. I’d be lying to say I’m always on top of the posts here (or much of anywhere lately for that matter), but I’ve been following this one and wish Shane the best. It sounds very optimistic all things considered, and I hope everything works-out. Being the son of a Vietnam Vet, I can certainly appreciate those who sacrifice everything for their country.

  29. I’m so happy to hear that Shane is awake and talking. He has a strong mind and is a strong person. I feel that it will be a tough road but he has the support and friends that is needed. Please send him all our love and if there is anything that anyone can do to help let us know.

  30. We are not sure what he is saying, but his nurses described him as a “feisty young man.”

    Sounds about right to me. 😉
    Seriously, though, this sounds like extremely good news.

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  32. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I know who is getting the first toast tomorrow.

  33. Shay, did you get the note from the Red Seat folks?
    Mighty nice, I thought.

  34. I did Jake, I was very touched. I was waiting to write back today with fresh eyes.

  35. I am so excited to hear this news! He’s such a tough
    kid… thank god.

  36. Godspeed Da Kine from one of many Soxaholix way down south. You are in my prayers brother!

  37. Way to rally, Da Kine…good stuff, dude.

  38. Musashi will never give up.
    Please get well soon.

  39. Thoughts and Prayers from everyone seem to have paid off to some extent. It is a good thing that Courtney is on her way. It is a good thing that Shane is stable enought to transport. It is a good thing that the mother and the brothers will have something they have desparetly needed-someone standing right by Shane’s sid and reporting back to them exactly how he is and what is going on. It is a good thing that this family is so much love, surrounded by so much love. Our prayers together know will have Shane in a speedy and full recovery. Amen.

  40. To Shane: I’m raising my Powers Irish and Guinness chaser to you, brother.

  41. Re: the latest update…

    Excellent stuff.
    Don’t worry about him being so stubborn. He’s all hopped up on the pain meds, so he’s probably a) not that aware in general and b) not that aware of how busted up he got specifically.
    Besides, if he wants to tell us all it wasn’t a big deal, I say we let him.

  42. Back in the States already?! Wow! The kid’s tougher than I thought! 😉

  43. Sure is Jake, he’s a hard-headed fuckah

  44. I was still worried that he might have some sort of problem, even after reading all of the updates. As soon as I saw “He then called me Douchie” I knew Latin boy had made it back with his wits about him. God bless that Latin Boy.

  45. Wow, I hadn’t been here in a couple of weeks and had no idea… I am happy to hear how well his recovery has gone and so quickly. Godspeed to a complete recovery Shane.

  46. i’m still a little concerned, shane didn’t use the cube-style “dush”…

  47. first of all this is awesome news all the way around. I hope they are
    giving that boy frequent flier miles for all this travel while
    he is getting treatment. Secondly, I am glad the Irish humor is back on the page. Third, there was no “World according to Garp” connotation
    when they called him a “feisty young man” was there?
    Glad all is well-time to hoist a few at the St James!!!

  48. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  49. My B Jake – Updated

  50. Well, his tennis and ballet careers are fooked, but I think we’re all OK with that.

  51. he’s gonna hafta start throwin’ the knucklah lefty, if you know what i mean.

  52. As the Miracle once said in regards to someone with a hand injury, “It’ll be like a speed bump.”

  53. As the Miracle once said in regards to someone with a hand injury,

    It’ll be like a speed bump.

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  55. You’re telling me he is already walking/hobbling?!?!
    The kid is like Lazarus up in here!

  56. When you talk to Shane next (and you think his memory is good), tell him the mad hacker sends his best wishes.

  57. ROMANIAN!?! What about his native tongue… Latin?

    In case you can’t guess, the Nerds are all wishing Latin Boy the speediest of recoveries.

    Even we Jews are praying for Shane.

    Tell Karen and the rest of the clan that I am thinking of you all.

  58. How wonderful to get home and know that there would be some news from you waiting. So happy and relieved that you all got there safe and sound. How wonderful for all of you after these weeks of anxiety to see Shane right up close and personal, for yourselves, with your own eyes. The news of his condition is almost too good to believe after what he has been through. My thoughts and prayers still with all of you. Cherish your time together and then come home safe and sound to kin-girl and Bri. All my love…

  59. C.O.D IS holding his own in mass. mah & brothers are in hawaii soaking up the sun party at the house just kidding .; we need a fundraiser to get ther latin boy a sidecar for his vespa.from eastcoast to westcoast north to south & the boys at the iron yard(get better).And you think iam kidding i’ll get you make me proud and i love you for that (killer) as neil says you have alot of support here just wish i was there with you.but i’ll see you in june.i love you and sorry for not being there with you but i know you understand work is so busy.need anything just call me. p.s. da would be proud like iam

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  61. Lookin good Cuz!!! Keep up the hard work, you’ve come so far
    in such little time it’s pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see you
    in June. Lots of love to you and Courtney from the Hayes house.

  62. I still wouldn’t kiss you or nothing, but you look great! Hope you’re feeling at as well.

  63. I can’t believe how good you look after all you’ve been through! You are such a stalwart scrapper- God love ya. What is that little handle thing in your right hand? Is it a special crutch for your shoulder? And I have to know- is Shay actually gazing at something perplexing or is he just trying to look philosophical? He’s got that Rasputin thing going full throttle.

  64. I just love how annoyed Shane looks.
    Like he’s ready and willing to take one of those crutches upside the head of the first mook to say something sideways to him.

  65. when is Dog the Bounty Hunter going to show up in the next photo
    looking for Shamus for dumping his bosses bike?? Either that
    or for stealing sacred flowers to decorate his beard with.
    Everyone looks great- hopefully no ones finds that tiki doll from
    the Brady Bunch……………..

  66. Good to see the boy popping up here and there.

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  71. Is that someone whoring my near-death for personal gain or profit or am I misreading the situation? I ain’t about to click on the link to find out.

  72. interestingly enough, yes. the real question is whether or not seamus is getting a kickback.

  73. I would never take a kickback or profit from my brothers injury.

    Unless you count a free trip to hawaii, which I did do…

  74. […] … I was going to go on about when da kine almost got hisself kilt. Within 24 hours we had effectively informed family and friends throughout the country and overseas. I reached more perople with one post than a day of dialing the phone. Instead of having to call, ask what’s the latest, everyone logged on and saw right away what the deal was. Da kine’s fellow warriors still in the middle-east could follow his progress. I call that an extremely effective communications tool. […]

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