g-damn buffy

seamus warned me. shane warned me. however, maggie has been getting up at 7am for a bottle, and going back to bed at 8am. what could i do for that hour ? watch buffy. goddammit. i swore i wouldn’t get sucked in. bad acting, bad special effects, TNG-type semi-serial approach, god help me.

seamus, i need to borrow some dvd’s.

~ by kinshay on 2005-03-04.

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  1. Are you in the early seasons or the later ones? G-damn, the early
    episodes will rope you in.

  2. Welcome to our world.

  3. Don’t watch Angel or Alias then. Then you’ll be well and truly fooked.

  4. “Fooked” is well and truly one of the best phonetic colloquialism… EVAR!

  5. Shay, is your main page cached somehow??

  6. Or, yeah… The comment count is effed.

  7. I somehow got into a comment moderation loop, I have to approve my own comments as well as yours. However, if you post a comment, it shows up just for you until I approve it. Hence, the count looking off. I’ve tried to remove it, but it is still in effect.

  8. Interesting.
    Yeah, can’t complain too much, though. Comment spam is the worst thing to happen to weblogs, fer sher.

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