Bic Chewed My Scalp

I know some of you were horrified by the shaved head. I like it. Easy to maintain, plus I have a killah biker pyscho look. The chicks (esp Kin-Girl) seem to dig it. Last week I was making a purchase at a packy, and had not yet signed my shiny new Bank of America debit card. The cute clerk asked for another form of ID, I gave her my license to wit she stated she preferred the bald look. She then asked if I were having a party and could she come. I told her I was in fact “baby-sitting” (staying in with Bri while Kin-Girl had a girl’s night) and sadly, no, there was no party.

This morning I went to shave my head yet again. I noticed my wonderful Gillette Mach 3 razor had lost the color on the lubricating strip. Clear sign to change heads. I had plenty of heads to try, but instead went with a brand new bic disposable. This was a very poor choice.

I shaved my face first, then started with the back and sides. All went well there. I then did the top of my head, during which I had a very odd tactile/auditory moment. Well, that didn’t sound quite right I thought as I heard a not quite scraping sound. Kinda burned a lil bit. Felt as though I had not rinsed the razor from all the hair for the last few passes. When I saw the blood streaming down in front of my ear, I knew what had happened. My manly hair had been too much for the lil fella. 3/4 way through it gave up and took it’s pound of flesh. The head tends to bleed a lot, I had tp stuck to my melon the whole ride in to work, and resorted to wearing a hat. All of ENG figured it out right away, as I never wear a hat. Mangled yer head? they would ask. Yep.

My CEO and President always hated Gillette. Has to do with thier ad campaigns and prices. I understood that before. Realizing the quality of their product now, I had to disagree. My Mach 3 will last 2 weeks and never cut me. This friggin bic could not make it through one session without carving divots out of my scalp.

Sadly, Kin-Girl has fobade me shaving my head until these wounds have healed. That blows. Fuck bic. Pay the extra for Gillette up front, it will save you in the long run.

~ by kinshay on 2005-03-04.

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  1. I read the subtext, here. What up with the little hotty at the packy hitting on you? Or have you been goofy-looking so long you forgot what it is like?

  2. just shave around the cut.

  3. What, no gory photo of your scab? Am I in the right place???

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