Ghost Dog loves fiddling with the stock market. He is not a day-trader, but he does a fair amount of jumping in and out of stocks. As such, he always follows market news and announcements. He saw last week that Google bought out Keyhole. What’s Keyhole? he mused to himself. Let’s just say it was fun enough that not only did he pay for it, by the end of the day all three of us geeks in the Operations department all got a subscription.

Keyhole (as in keyhole satellite) is a yearly subscription ($30 per annum) software. You start off looking at a globe, and zoom in to the sat photos over a location you put in. You can spin, zoom, tilt, email photos, email places, pick by long and lat. Some areas have much better resolution than others. It is not realtime, but stitched from previously taken photos.

Ok I am not describing it well. go to and download the 7 day trial. Chances are you’ll spend hours playing with it.

Mile High

~ by kinshay on 2005-03-01.

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