Krazy Kat People

Courtney and I have two cats. Actually, she has one cat and I have one cat. My cat is awesome, fluffy, cute, friendly, macho, and not annoying. Her cat is orange.

Anyone who reads Fark knows that there are at least 4-5 stories per week dealing with Crazy Cat People, i.e. those people who have altogether too many felines and too few ways to dispose of feces. This one made me take note, though:

A Pennsylvania family with 32 cats has 30 days to get rid of all but six of them.

A judge has ruled that Salisbury Township officials can enter the home and remove the cats once the deadline passes.

How did the judge come up with six cats as the maximum? The rule of thumb Courtney and I use is one cat per family member. If you have more cats than family members, you’re a crazy cat person. We have two cats and there are two of us. Completely normal. We’ve flirted with insanity, though.

One time we were at a barbecue and saw this gorgeous gray kitten that was some weird purebreed English critter. We asked around and folks said it was a neighborhood cat with no owner. Oh, how close we came to ganking that cat! The only thing that kept us on the right side of mental health was our rule about one cat per family member. I guess we’ll have to stick with the two we have until such time as we start producing human offspring.

I wonder if the judge was using the same formula when he determined that they could have six? Does anyone else have a hard and fast rule on animal ownership?

~ by kinshay on 2005-02-26.

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  1. We have one cat, blackie, who is grey. I really don’t dig on cats, save Bones. Blackie is rather nuerotic, which I can not blame her for, as she spends five days a week stuck in a house with six children under the age of 5. That would make me a lil funny as well.

    Regardless of how many people live in the house, it should not be more than two. (When I say it should not be, I don’t mean by law or edict, more the should not wear plaids/stripes together.)

  2. Y’all heard about Satan Cat, right?

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