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Update – this was too easy. I found a close enough template, saw 1.5 had all the features I was looking for, and made the switch. Everyone can sign up for themselves, I will kick up perms on all the Brothers. If you (other than a brother) wanted to post something, sign up and write it up. I can then approve it. This rocks.

Seems all the cool kids are going with WordPress 1.5. I’ve liked textpattern, but it is not going fast enough for me. And you may have noticed that I somewhat destroyed the entire site this afternoon for a little while. I was able to get it back, but it got ugly.

One reason I would not go to WordPress is I could never find an import script that works. I have since found one. It didn’t carry most of the categories, or any of the authors, but it is workable. I think I might make the switch over. I would re-institute the Americana theme as seen here when I had time to play with it.

Check out “Corcoran Brothers on WordPress”:, leave a comment about your preference…

~ by kinshay on 2005-02-21.

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  1. I really like the font styles and transparency, but the flag should probably be lightened up a bit. You’ve got the dark red and the white mixed in, you are screwed no matter whether you pick dark or light text.

  2. How about the flag in the bottom right? Leaves more room to read

  3. That just doesn’t look good on my screen (I think I remember whining about the flag placement on the old verson too). Tons of white space on the left. But I run at 1280×1040 with max browser window…if I switch to 800×600 the flag pretty much takes up the whole window.

    I still vote for lightening the flag. Red text on a red background is bad, and parts of the flag are dark grey and make the black text hard to read.

    Just my 2 cents, I will read it regardless.

  4. How about now? I’m digging it.

    AND you are finally getting comments feed Jenn. Celebrate

  5. Damn, I wanted to call you a wuss for abandoning the transparency, but it looks good, especially the blue divider line. Still, you must have an aversion to Photoshop or something.

    (Yay, comments feed, I’m never loading this page again :-P)

  6. oo, smilies! 🙂

  7. Jenn’s all about her feeds.

    Good shit, Shay.

  8. Yeah, I’m with them. This looks great. When I checked into the shitfest last night and I couldn’t make out some of the text, I figured I’d wait to post until you realized that no one knew what you were writing. It looks great now.

  9. I realised that my laptop LCD prolly showed the background a lot lighter than most people’s screens. And yes, I do have an aversion to Photoshop, though I did try my damndest with GIMP and ACDSee. I settled on this layout, as I like it the best. I loved my boxes from before, but it was time to let them go.

  10. Of course when I said “Photoshop” I meant “GIMP”

    Here is your flag that I stole off your website and lightened (with GIMP):

    Feel free to take it for present or future use, I will delete it later today before the web police are alerted to my egregious copyright violation.

  11. I think it looks good in spite of the fact that I didn’t design it. That’s supposed to be a compliment… nothin but love for ya.

  12. So, i’m trolling the page, taking a little bit more time to check out the revised scene and find that my About page is a featured link on the side bar! Is this new? Is this some strange effect from the changes? Do you want a picture of my junk to highlight it a bit more? Say no more!

  13. Hate to disappoint ya Joe, but I was just ‘sprimentin with the kick ass Page feature. Yours was the longest description, so thas why you go on first.

    Also note the helpful buttons for commenting, making links easier than ever. You can also view the comments on the main page now.

  14. OMG!!! I made the Cast!!!11111111!!!!!!!! This site rulez LOLOLOLOL

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