Another New Number

Figures two months after I sign up for a two year worl lays out for a bunch of new Blackberrys. I carried a Blackberry for work, but it was email only. Never had a phone number attached to it. I was sick of carrying two phones, my blackberry now has a plan with it, and Cingular has been giving me massive billing headaches. So, I cancelled Cingular. It will runn me $150 up front, but I will make that up within a few months. The whole porting issue I don’t want to deal with, so my new cell phone number is:

DC: 180*8008*956

My old number will work until March 2.

~ by kinshay on 2005-02-12.

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  1. You dumb bastid! Now all those stalker bitches that haven’t been able to contact you will be blowing up your celly left and right. Combined with your non-psoriatic bald pate, this bodes ill for Rachel.

  2. Hows a Pimp posed to get paid if his bitches can’t reach him?

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