Kuwait Update

I’ve been here for almost two weeks now, and I can say it unconditionally: I love Kuwait.

Okay, maybe there are a few conditions. There’s no beer in the entire country. They have to change that for it to be truly awesome. Also, the drivers suck. Still, the drivers are evil in Boston and I love Boston, so that is a minor point.

The city nearest to the base is straight out of a William Gibson novel: neon signs, streets wet despite the lack of precipitation, the smell of roasted meat and old garbage, people crowded in every nook and cranny conversing in Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, and several different varieties of Indian. Stores are close together and there are upscale restaurants colocated with seedy stalls selling pirated DVDs, both linked to the ground floor via a broken elevator. American cars abound. The cool rich don’t buy Mercedes or BMW; they buy Lincolns, Cadillacs, and ball-busting 1980s Caprices.

I actually met two Romanians the other day. Over the past five years in the United States, I got to use that language a total of three times. In the past month, I’ve gotten to use it twice in Muslim countries. Bizarre.

I love what I’m doing job-wise, too. I work in an office, which is the fate of all officers, but I also get to coordinate missions involving large pieces of military equipment, planes, boats, and civilian trailers. It’s all very butch. The people I work with are awesome. They all know what they have to do and are self-starters capable of working with little or no supervision.

I have read 8 books since I got here. I have also bought an X-Box. We now have 5 linked systems in my tent and play Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon 2” nightly. After the deployment, I will require someone to accept this thing from me, since Courtney has declared our home a videogamesystem-free area. I don’t know if it is a good system for kids because all the titles seem to involve killing or sports, but I am open to suggestions.

Mom apparently has some sort of ESP, because I was on Amazon.com going to make a purchase when one of my troops brought the mail in. Mom had sent two things from my Amazon wishlist that I had in my shopping cart, ready to purchase. Awesome.

~ by kinshay on 2005-01-22.

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  1. the ‘wait sounds most excellent… is your addy the same ?

    i find that if i had an x-box, that would be all that i could do. esp. halo, ghost recon, etc.

    amusement turned obsession, can anyone say “sonic’s a wicked cool hedgehog”?

  2. The wife don’t allow no games?


  3. Jah, the addy on the right has been changed to reflect his current …

    Kin tetris bruthah

  4. I currently play two games: Halo and Ghost Recon 2. I ordered 2 Star Wars space combat games and Battlestar Galactica, which is supposed to be like the old X-Wing, but with – you know – graphics.

  5. shane i got all x-box games new and old ranging from 3.00 to 10.00
    each also have new playstation sets for 75-80$ each oh yeah flat screens plazma t.v.’s coming in 1wk
    let me know talk to you soon

  6. […] Napoleon Dynamite is funny the second time through. Hell, I didn’t like it when I was stuck in Kuwait with nothing else to do and couldn’t even finish that mug. […]

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