Need to Read This

~ by kinshay on 2005-01-13.

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  1. drop me a line are u irish corans

  2. Bravo to…
    friggin Bravo.

  3. I dunno. Sounds too cute that he had all of those facts on hand. Seems apocryphal to me. My guess is he had one of those experiences (there’s a French term for it involving stairs) where he actually told them to fuck themselves and die, but realized afterwards what the perfect thing to say would be, so he wrote it up like that’s what he said.

  4. I was just thinking of that term the other day, the wit of the staircase.

    I dunno, I think if he was that concerned and into the coverage, all it would take is watching one cycle of CNN to learn the facts.

    It reminded me of Holidays in Hell when ORourke went off on an Englishmen save much kinder.

    I think the Candy Bomber was the best part though.

  5. Here is about as good a place to “put this as any”:

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