New Address, Part Trois

I’m off to Kuwait soon. I’ll be spending the rest of my deployment there. I guess we should change the subject of the posts to “The ‘Wait”, but that’s stupid, so I’ll keep it as “The ‘Stan”. When I get there, I’ll be heading up a team that makes sure parts and equipment flows properly through the Army supply system into Afghanistan. I will update when I get there and figure out exactly what the frig I’m doing.

~ by kinshay on 2005-01-06.

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  1. I got a cousin in the fire department at Camp Spearhead. Stop on by and say hello (I’ll give you his name if you want it). I’m sure he’ll share some of the whiskey I sent him a few weeks ago. Of course, if he’s any good at all, he would’ve polished it all off the first day he had it.

  2. That wasn’t whiskey.
    It was “shampoo”.

  3. Right. Special sour mash jojoba is what they call it.

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