Merry Christmas

Mele Kalikimaka, bitches. Today, I slept late, went into the office to check my e-mail, then got a haircut and went to dinner early. I ate turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, and yams.

The Egyptians seemed to be enjoying Christmas more than the Christians, taking pictures of all the decorations and well-plaited food.

I watched several Tivo DVDs that Courtney sent me and read some of Eric Flint’s 1633.

Overall, a pretty good day.

~ by kinshay on 2004-12-25.

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  1. merry x-mas to the ‘stan.

    and today,

    happy birthday, shane.

    konnichiwa bitches

  2. Happy Birthday,Shane!!! Hope you had a good day.

    I’m glad you called early for Christmas….just hearing your voice makes me feel better. I’m having a problem getting emails to you. It keeps telling me there is an error & they can’t send it. I’ll have to have Shay look at it. Could’nt reply to Chris & Jack in Blarney either. Dymphna called @ 10:00pm last night. She said to say “Hi” to you. All’s well over there. Kitty’s daughter, Marie’s daughter, Martina is expecting her 1st baby in March. And Pat got engaged!! He built a house right next to Marie. It just got finished & he should be moving in shortly.

    Talked to Courtney last night. She was in Arkansas, as I’m sure you know. It was sooooo good to talk to her. We caught up on the latest news. I thought Shay was going to mail her Xmas gift to Va., but he sent it to Hawaii instead, so she’ll have to wait ‘til she gets home.

    The bottom line is I can’t get Danielle’s cell phone # off to you. I didn’t want to put it on the web.So I asked Shay to send it.

    That’s about it. Talk to you later.

    Still watching the Patriots-23-7 in the fourth.

    Love ya,


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