Liquid Patience

I went down to Disney with Rachel, Brianna, and Rachel’s parents. We all had a wonderful time, as evidenced by the pictures you can see here. (Yes Mom, I know it did not work for you, you click on this link here .)I think it went well as far as travelling with a 5 year old and future in laws go. Brianna was really well behaved, especially when you consider we dragged her out from 8 in the morning til 9 at night.

I was also able to kidnap Kalin for the first two days. I think he had fun with Uncle Shay, and I enjoyed spoiling him. I also got to see Steph and Loran. Loran is so frigging cute it is unreal. He is also a fan of the ladies, I caught him checking out some cans when we were out to dinner. It was fascinating to watch.

There are a couple of tricks I learned and will share with you now. You can’t really get drunk at Disney, but you can get Liquid Patience. Enough alcohol just to keep things going smoothly. Epcot is by far the best place for this, different drinks for each country. Wine in France, Margaritas in Mexico, Bud Light in Norway. Bud Light in Norway?

For thise times when you can’t get a drink fast enough, there is another trick I used. I called it my theme song. When people started arguing, or younger ones whining, I just thought about Dave Chappelle. The episode when some hollywood douchie was pitching a movie to him, and he thought about skipping in a circle going doodle do doodle do doodly dooo. I just played that in my head over and over. Worked out well.

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  1. There is not enough alcohol in the world to get me to go back to that place. I still cringe any time I see the silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head.

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