Two Great Sites

These have earned a place on my favorites toolbar. They’re right up there with IMDB, TV Tome, and Google News. Sick of registering for sites and getting spam because of it, even though you opt out? Do you begrudge the NY Times the 30 seconds it takes you to fill out the stupid form? Find it impossible to remember passwords and logins when you go from computer to computer? Not anymore. This allows you to see when movies are coming out on DVD and when movies are scheduled to hit the big screen. Open up IMDB at the same time, because it doesn’t provide alot of detail. Still very useful.

Another site to check out is my new Washington Nationals blog. Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, it is full of my smartass comments and rapier wit.

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-30.

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  1. Pleasing to explain: Why have you adopted the Nationals, dear sir?

  2. He did it for a broad…

  3. Ah, that is why you must go to the site and see the ‘about’ section. Cana bruva get a link?

  4. Well, that’s just fantastic.

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