UPDATE – Alpha is gone. sniff She served me well. As expected the price jumped at the last minute. I went to bed and she was still at $560. I woke up late, showered, she was at $610, with 23 minutes to go. I got to work, She was already paid for at the sum of $763 dollars plus shipping. After ebay and paypal took thier cuts, I made enough to more than pay for the new server. Yeah me!, or where the pictures are hosted, is going down for a little while. I have decided to consolidate all my equipment as much as possible. The original idea was to rebuild one of my older machines, throw some extra hard drives in there, and call it a server. Whcih is what would be economical and smart. Then I hit the dell site, just poking around. While it is not the same deal, here’s what I got. Really a stripped down yet beefier desktop, the SC420, while a Celeron, still has way more power than the 900 P3 I was going to use. It comes with an 80 gig SATA drive, 512 megs of RAM, and all the basics a server needs. No OS comes loaded, which saves me a boatload, not paying for Windows which I would not use. Combine that with the sweet 300 gig ATA133 hard drive I picked up for $200, and we in bidness.

The cost of the server from Dell, when I bought it, with shipping, was a whopping $298. (If I went up to the P4 2.8 it would have bneen another $100, so I passed, but still a great deal.)

As for the OS, I decided to go with FreeBSD. We use it at work and it will help me improve my work skillz. Plus it is badass and secure. Not great for a workstation, but rock solid for server.

Now for what I am getting rid of …

I put Alpha up on Ebay. I was really unsure how I would get rid of her, and that seemed the best COA. I had to figure what is the least amount of money it would take for me to part with her, and came up with $550. It was easy enough setting it up, though someone bid on day one and no one else had til today, when there are 17 hours left. It is up to $560. I have a feeling though it may go up last minute, as there are 15 people or so watching the auction. It really is a good price for a decent machine. The machine is just so outclassed by the new stuff…

If that goes well I will try to list my NAS device, that has 2 – 80 gig drives kicking around. It is neat, plug and play, easy management and makes shares for the whole family. I can just do way better with the new server.

Well, wish me luck selling this thing. There’s a fair chance it may ber a zero sum deal altogether, which is fine by me (otherwise i am losing money, but I will have a new toy.)

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-22.

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