Few Years Too Late

A young girl, nude, turns her back to the camera in a picture taken in the Xi’an photo studio.

They are college girls in Xi’an, an ancient city in landlocked Shaanxi Province, which served as the capital city of some 13 dynasties in the Chinese history, including the worldwide glamorous Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Now over 1,000 years later, Xi’an girls have really leaped forward a giant step—revealing their bodies, compared with their Tang Dynasty sisters’ off-the-shoulder-top vogue. They take snapshots, nude.

Along the bustling Chang’an South Street, south outskirts of the city, there are 5 universities. Some girl students rush to take nude pictures at an avant-garde photo studio by the side of their campus.

Wow, I been there. Not the studio, but to Xi’an. That’s where Edo lived for 9 months or so. That’s where Edo go the name Edo. That’s where Edo spent time in a Chinese jail and his mom had to call the Marines. He really needs to post some of his stories from there. BTW – his new address is :

spc donahue, edwin
po box 53753
ft benning, ga. 31995

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-19.

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