I used to use Mailblocks as my primary mail service. It was cool because it had automated response to verify if the sender was human, special tracker emails, etc. It was really good at blocking spam. Then AOL bought them.

For some reason, several times I have noticed I was not getting my mail. I would see a comment up here, but no corresponding message waiting in my inbox. WTF? They would show up eventually, hours or a day later. I got sick of that. I emailed support, they said it was fixed. I asked what stpes are they taking to ensure this stopped happening, they gave me some fluff BS non-IT answer. Goodbye. Give me a refund. (Wow they know they screwed up cause they didn’t pretend to argue the refund, not even pro-rated.)

I am now using my gmail account. I was able to upload my last 3 years worth of email to it, forward all my other mail, etc. So if you email me at any of the old addresses, I will get it. In a timely manner. I did kill the forwarding on my comcast email and shay at smcor dot com now gets forwarded to /dev/null. (No Brandon, you will not be getting an extra 26,000 spam messages a day, my hosting company let’s me write email to a file if I choose over an mbox. I chose a literal /dev/null.) That rocks.

I also created some disposable addresses, I can tell who I deal with that sells my addy, and stop giving them my business.

Mailblocks did do a great job in filtering, over the 14 months I was with them, they blocked 72,832 messages. It is inflated as I purposefully had it collect the above mentioned addresses, which every spammer has. If things get bad enough though, textdrive has some tutorials on setting up spam assasin, and TMDA, which will give me all the same benefits.

Anyway, if you see any strangeness in mailing me, let me know so I can check it out.

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-15.

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