Suicide is Painless

UPDATE – Here’s what some people do when thier pet dies. I don’t thik I could go this route.

It is with a heavy heart I must report the following news. After sitting next to, and listening to C.O.D., my fish, my friend, Sierra decided that suicide was his best course of action.

I guess after losing his chairmate Edo to the army, and the prospect of sharing that chair with Shannon, he thought going on was not longer an option.

He waited until I filled his bowl up with water, then after Kin-Girl and I went to bed, he made his fateful leap. Unfortunately he landed on the wood under the warm lamp. By the time we found him, and stopped crying, he was encrusted to the table.

We thought about a funeral, but seeing it was a suicide and all, he would not be allowed buried on hallow ground. We went with a traditional Burial at Sea.

Rest in Peace, you poor tortured soul. I will avenge you, Shannon beware.

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-14.

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  1. it was probably an accident, like fish auto-asphyxiation

  2. By filing this entry under “Joe Likes Manmeat”, are you trying to point a finger at me for holding the boomstick towards Sierra?

  3. sorry about the fish

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