Comcast – Quick and Friendly Service

I never use my comcast email account, haven’t for years. However, they do send notices and such so I had it all forwarded to my mailblocks account. I would say it accounts for 75% of my spam (200 messages a day.) I decided to stop this torrent of uselessness, especially since I think I will be ditching mailblocks in favor of Gmail. (BTW – I still have two invites left if there are any takers.) Having not logged into it in so long, none of my normal passwords worked. So I go to the online help, live chat to have it reset, I’ll kill the forward and never look at it again. Right?


Are you fucking kidding me? I have been waiting for over two hours now for someone to make three mouse clicks and end my spam nightmare. Still just sitting here waiting. I am sure I will get through eventually. What really kills me is it says I am Next in the queue. I’m Next for two hours? Blow me.

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-10.

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