Pictures from Da Stan

Shane in the Stan

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-09.

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  1. The kids and I really enjoyed looking at pictures of this strange place 🙂

  2. bottom left pic:Jabba’s place?

  3. Shane, you look awesome! I think it’s the hat that makes it! Please tell me that building was NOT where you were staying. And who’s the dog? Poor little thing. Be good to it…it looks like he doesn’t have any water. Does he have a name? Send more pictures, it really helps to see where you work & play(?).And what the heck is that last picture on the left, some kind of beehive oven? Quite an odd looking contraption, I must say.

    Just talked to Sean. He called Courtney yesterday. All’s well in Hawaii. He said she sounded really good. She’s terrific!!!

    Love you the “Whole Wide World”!!!!


  4. I’m wondering about the dog too. Did they name him? Do the guys get to keep him and bring him home? I’d take him in a minute. Who are the afghani guys- is there any backlash for them anymore when they help the US forces? I can’t get over how very YOUNG Shane looks- looks like a little boy… Still haven’t heard of anything the guys would still specifically want sent. Let me know!!!

    PS: Hi Mrs. C!

  5. Here is a description of the pics you are looking at, from top to bottom, left to right.

    1. This is the sign for the base which I have cropped and blanked out so Seamus can write something clever.

    2. This is an abandoned building next to the Afghan bakery. It’s quite picturesque except for the trashbag in the foreground.

    3. This is a sunrise over the mountains.

    4. These are ‘jingle’ trucks: commercial vehicles driven by local nationals. They are quite gaily adorned if you can see that level of detail and tend to make a jingling noise when moving.

    5. This is one of three puppies some guys kept. Legally, soldiers can’t keep mascots, but…

    6. This is a tiny little uncleared area. Quite safe, really.

    7. These are the guys I worked with in Salerno.

    8. This is the sign for the base (and the undoctored version of the top picture).

    9. This is the well and the guys that worked there. They are quite friendly and were enthused about having their picture taken.

    10. This is the inside of the bakery where they sell monstrous flatbread. Description to follow in a subsequent post.

    11. This is the outside of the bakery. I think the photo has a certain Andre Cartier-Bresson character to it, with the narrative quality of the graffiti, sign, and movement implied by the arrows.

  6. It’s too bad rach got herself a striaght job, she could do some cool ass shit with the top pic. I’ll try to work on it. Any other takers?

  7. Y’know, for a fella who lives in Hawaii and works in the desert, you sure are one glow-in-the-dark pasty-ass honkey.

    Just sayin’.


  8. After a month in the desert, my erstwhile boss (in for whom I was filling) who had not seen me in 6 months asked if I was feeling well. I said yes, to which he replied, “Damn! You’re pale.”

  9. I don’t start the new job till Monday… already grabbed the photo off your site… I’ll see what damage I can do.

  10. “in for whom I was filling”


  11. Thas Latin Boy, in action.

  12. I am having some mail issues, so I have not gotten Rach’s damage yet, word is Da Kine is gonna be hurting. Can’t wait.

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