I am back in Bagram. Thank you to everyone who has sent me mail. It got to Bagram fine. Unfortunately, it is all on the way back to you. There was a mixup: since I was down at Salerno, they forwarded my mail from here to there. But since I was still assigned to Bagram, the post office at Salerno never had a record that I was officially there and returned all to sender. Regardless, the address to the right is valid and if you resend the stuff it will get to me in a week or two.

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-07.

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  1. Sent you a package on Monday. Hope you get it before they whip it back here!

    Talked to May,Ann & Michelle in Enniskeane just a few minutes ago. All is well there. They were still recuperating from Mark’s 30th birthday party on Friday night. May left about 12:30am and she was the first to go. Apparently it went on to the wee hours in the morning….they certainly know how to party hardy! I also talked to Chrissy yesterday. No complaints there either. Of course they were all asking for you. I should give them all the website so they can follow how things are going.

    Not much else new, other than I’m cutting my hours at work to 30 per week. Going to give it a try & see how it goes. Might have to cut down on “Foxwoods” a bit, or maybe I’ll just have to go more often & hit it big!!

    Love ya, Mum

  2. Funny, my email never got returned to sender

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