Erection Coverage

I have a co-worker who does a killer asian accent impersonation. Very humurous. I was thinking this morning about how much I am looking forward to the upcoming melee tomorrow night (even though it is supplanting Fatass.) I made sure to tell her I was rooking forward to erection tommorow, erection with boosh and kerry.

I seriously am psyched to watch, though I am dreading the now seemingly unavoidable lawsuit/court action that is going to happen. I think I will have fox news on, and constantly update drudgereport. How yall gonna get your info?

~ by kinshay on 2004-11-01.

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  1. I’ll prolly watch a DVD and check in on things Wednesday morning.

  2. WBZ Radio and ABC News (old school 🙂 ‘til 10pm. Hubby will probably be in other room flicking between CNN and Fox News while yelling at the tv screen, until 10pm. Then we’ll both watch the Daily Show, followed by mad switching between ABC, CNN, and any other channel with coverage until they all project a winner (while hubby sleeps on couch). Can’t wait!

  3. I stayed up till 3:30 am on November 2, 2000 watching election coverage. I think it was around 2:30 am when I finally saw that embodiment of objective journalism- Dan Rather- announce that Bush was the winner. Then it took a month of lawsuits and mayhem to find out for sure. So this year I think I’m gonna get drunk with my dog while watching every episode of Highlander the tv series till I either pass out or somebody wins. God friggin help us all.

  4. it’s really interesting to me how much this is being covered in spain. the spanish media is all over the US election. and, of course, everyone here seems to hate bush almost as much as i do.

  5. Does the dog get to drink too?

  6. No- unfortunately my little baby doggie was just diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease so he’s on a strict diet… I might give him a little juice box though- if he can figure out how to work the straw.

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