Windows Blows

I tried to install a download manager last night. It was working fine, then the full version required a reboot, which I did. Which of course, HOSED MY SYSTEM FILES. I attempted to run a repair, which failed miserably. So I got to bring my laptop today and fix her. I am SO fucking happy I partitioned my drive and put all of my data on the D:. Yes, if I lose the disk, I lose it all. I have never lost a disk. If I lose windows and have to rebuild, I only wipe out the system files. I have had to do that at least 3 times, personally.

Also today have been rebuilding a nice spanking new IBM Thinkpad R51. I am digging on the laptop way more than the POS compaqs and HPs we’ve been getting. However, I thought Ghost Dog hosed it last night, thing would not run right at all after our setup. I re-imaged it, ran throught the setup, same thing. Finally figured out, it had the original norton antivirus 2004 trial running on it, as well as the corporate edition we installed. Both made by the same company, didn’t warn us during the install, hosed the machine. Good times, wasted a good 8 man hours on that bitch. I have always caught that one before, not this time though… It won’t happen again.

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-29.

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  1. Technically, shouldn’t it be ‘Windows blow’, since it is plural?

    Latin Boy strikes again!

  2. personally, i think it should be the olde english “windoes doth bloweth”

  3. While “Windows” is a plural word, it refers to a single entity, in this case, an operating system.

  4. Nice. Although I was joking, you make a good point. Hence, ‘agenda’ is a singular word (despite meaning things to do). I argue that ‘data’ and ‘media’ should likewise be considered singular from common use as such.

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