Tivo Made me Pop Wood/I Wonder

I watched NYPD Blue from last night on Tivo. Jesus Christ. Andy is frigging indestructable, though everyone around him seems to get dead easy enough. Not that anyone got dead this episode, but shots were taken at them …

So they have a preview for what’s coming in two weeks (next week is election night.) Bobby Simone returns as a ghost/illusion/projection of Andy’s head. That fucking rocks. I was flying at half mast before the announcer finished his thought. Kin Yah thought that this was a bit much. I think not rubbing one out shows good restraint on my part. If you’re an old fan who stopped watching recently, make sure to watch it in two weeks!

I wonder … Sox are right now 12 outs away from winning the world series. Think Da Kine woke up at 3:30 local time to catch the game. Could Is he be watching/listening right now? The Sox bring Bruthas closer together. Kin Yah stated Da Kine has called him more since the ALCS than the whole time he lived in Hawaii.

All I know is I am going to bed, with a loaded gun. I don’t want no 86 year curse broken mob of revelers turned rioters and looters coming round here. Looters! Thas why you never leave yer trailer fer a hurricane. Looters!

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-28.

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