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I had a greek salad for lunch today. People in the office expressed great surprise at this. “I never figured you for a salad type, eh he he he” and other witty commentary. WTF?

This lead to a discussion with Ghost Dog and Rick. Ghost Dog expressed how much his love for corn chips has grown, far surpassing his fondness for potato chips. “Corn chips are healthier” says he, “and they grew on me.” Rick, who has lost a good 200 pounds or so, agreed that compared to potato chips, they are indeed healthier, but would not rank as “healthy.” Ghost Dog differed, saying he purposely closed his eyes to that fact. Rick suggested baby carrot sticks. Like chips, they are no work, in a bag, and crunchy.

I took the idea and ran. At first I said I would eat those if they were deep fried. (I could eat fresh dog shit if it is deep fried with the right batter.) The we took it further, and soon in stores and restaraunts:

(Deep Fried) Buffalo Bacon Baby Carrots!

Whatcha think? Is it a winner?

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-27.

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  1. I’m a giant fan of the baby carrots—as long as I have a tub of bleu cheese or ranch dressing in front of me.
    Same rule applies to buffalo wings, for me, too.

  2. If you are still working on lossing weight, I have not seen a weigh in lately, you should try subways. I know it’s fricken corny the with the big fat dude saying how he lost 400 lbs by just eating subways. But, since I started working up here in the sticks of NH the only place that is close by to eat for lunch is a Subways in a Gas Station. It’s no deep fried Cow chips but the subs are pretty good. Plus it’s pretty affordable. And the cherry on top is that I have lost around 20 lb, without getting off the couch or working out.

  3. I seriously think this is a brilliant idea… especially if the carrots stay crunchy after they’re fried. What a great way to make something that is otherwise healthy bad for you. Way to go! (I don’t even think you need the buffalo bacon part… they’d be good just plain with some kind of dipping sauce.)

  4. PS: Haven’t forgotten Rachel’s logo- been totally swamped… I’ll send it soon- Promise!

  5. I am also a big fan of small crunchy veggies. I’ve discovered sugar snap peas. They come in a small bag prewashed and ready to enjoy. They’re a bit pricy but well worth it. Peppers also make a nice snack with some ff dressing.
    Shay, if you’d like we can do a little experimenting in the kitchen
    Rach, Take your time. I’m just psyched you’re doing it. Whenever you get it done it is greatly appreciated.

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