Where is Kin Yah?

I went to a Rangers / Red Sox game in Texas a couple of years ago. I thought they sat me in a red sox fan section, more than half the people there were wearing Red Sox gear. Turns out there were a lot of fans there.

Seems there really is a Red Sox nation. More than transplanted New Englanders spreading across the fruited plains, for some reason Red Sox attract fans from all over.

My friend Jason was up this weekend from NYC. Given NYC does not have the same inferiority complex we do, he was able to celebrate his soxdom during the whole series. In fact, for game seven he could not even get in to a bar that is a dedicated haven for the Sox. I often wonder do New Yorkers even know we are in such a bitter rivalry? I thought he would feel like he was living in Belrin in the 60’s, but no one took offence.

Anyway, where is Kin Yah Brutha today? (Me thinks textbook will love/hate this the most.) Oh, that would be Fenway Park. Seems his Brother-in-law Tim’s friend won the right to buy tickets in a lottery. Not being a ball fan, he put them on Ebay, then thought better of it and offered them to Tim. When Tim called, Sean was not at home. That is a good thing. Sean would never drop $400 on a ticket for himself. Not with 2 little ones at home. But Queen Colleen answered. And as much as it pained her to do so, she said yes, get the ticket, he will go. (She had no idea at the time tickets were going for over $1,000 a piece.)

So, Kin Yah is currently at a bar in Boston getting lubricated for tonight. How much you hate him right now?

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-24.

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