Can a Brother Get an Issue?

I went on my daily journey to Drudgereport today. Here’s what it looked like (click on the pic for a bigger shot):

Good to know who can look dumber in a still shot is more important than the secret plans on how they will run the gummint is. Fucking Christ, 13 days to the election and this is the best we can get?

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-20.

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  1. i’ve just been watching the crazy articles about voter registration fraud pour in.

    and no, i am not trying to pick on the repubs. i hate the democrats equally.

  2. I have seen lots of stories on voter fraud, paying for votes with crack, etc. This is what happens when power grubbing (Cisco will call me on that phrase I bet) middle management decide what’s best on the state level.

  3. I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about the Libertarian( Nominee for president, Michael Badnarik. He is on the ballet in 48 States, while that Green Party freak is only on the ballet in 28 states. Here is the opertunity for you to use your vote to voice your true opinion. He is for the removal of all gun control as well as legalizing Pot, Cocaine, and Heroine. He also says that if he is elected President he will desolve the IRS. Cool, Huh…….

    PS:NH is the home for the Free Staters. Live Free and Die.


  4. In my humble opinion the candidate would have to be doing quite a bit of heroin himself in order to think legalizing it would be a good idea. That’s insane… And did you do that Live Free and Die thing on purpose? Isn’t it Live Free or Die? I personally think it should be Live Free Then Die…

  5. You have to admit, that Edwards thing is yularious.

  6. Of course it is live free and die. If you try to live freely, you get killed. Just ask my favorite pundit, Walter Williams.

    Rach, I fully believe in legalizing all drugs. It is not my concern what you do to your own body, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my rights. I’m not Pro-Cocaine, I’m for people being able to do what they want.

    As for the Edwards thing, I never got past the front page of Drudge. I am sure it was nice and embarrasing, but doing your hair is a needed step to going in front of the public. I saw no need to view it.

  7. Nobody lives in a vacuum. And while I believe that pot is one of those drugs that hurts only the user cocaine and heroin are not in the same category. They are far more powerful and destructive. I absolutely believe that people should be able to live freely but that does not mean that we should live without any moral compass whatsoever. Some things are wrong. Period. Like, for example, John Edwards hair. It is dangerous. How is he going to get anything done as Vice President if he has that lovely mane to worry about? It must take hours to get that thing to look so wonderful. The time he’s going to have to spend making himself pretty every day will seriously diminish his ability to make decisions on the fly… And how are we going to get other world leaders to listen to a word Edwards says during summits and meetings when they’re going to be consumed with the desire to run their fingers through his luxurious hair? I’m just being a realist here. Cocaine and heroin should be illegal. And so should Edwards hair.

  8. How do you effectively administer a moral compass without removing those who oppose it? Other than that, I’m not crazy about crackheads either, but the money going to jerkoffs with sawed-offs is a big trouble to me as well. Let the gangs find their post-prohibition careers and let the useless crackheads/junkies clean up or kill themselves.

  9. A society is not civilized without some kind of moral code. I’m not talking about some rule book or religious treatise that is forced upon people; I’m talking about basic decency. You do not steal from others. You do not physically hurt another person. You do not marry your own mother. Pretty basic stuff… And what about the person who gets robbed by the crackhead junkie who is trying to get money for his drugs? Or the little kid who takes a bullet through his bedroom window because some heroin addict is so fucked up that he thinks it would be fun to scare his girlfriend by firing shots at her apartment building? Or the kid who hasn’t eaten in two weeks because his mommy’s coke is more important than food. The addict isn’t always the only one who dies.

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