Ghost Dog (my boss) had a hard time sleeping the other night. He headed on down stairs and threw on some PBS, thinking it would put him to sleep. He was rather mistaken. He was captivated by a show called “Okie Noodling.” I couldn’t find a show description, here’s something similar from

At this point in your first noodling excursion, many questions muddle your mind. How did I get myself into this? Will there be a cottonmouth in this hole, or a beaver, or a snapping turtle? Do alligators live in these parts? If a catfish is home, will it really bite hard like they say? How bad will it hurt? They say big cats will swallow your entire hand, start spinning and rip the skin off your arm. What will that feel like? How did my noodling instructors get the nicknames Nubbins and Three-Fingered Jack?

Noodling is the most ancient form of catting. No equipment is used. No hooks, no lines, no poles or reels. No tackle of any sort … unless you consider your hands tackle.

Instead of going to sleep, Ghost Dog was on the edge of the couch. I am pissed ‘cause it does nothave an airing coming up anytime soon. Glad for Tivo wishlists…

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-18.

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  1. I’ve seen a couple short segments on noodling before… Let’s just say there’s often a reality behind the stereotype, and rednecks definitely fall into that category.

  2. Oh, and I claim absolutely no relation to the author of this piece.
    Though, at least he was smart enough to give up “hogging” after one go ‘round.

  3. Come on Jake, we all did a little hogging in our younger days…

    How’s married life? How’s the shower?

  4. Good and still pending, respectively. ;^)

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