Fact Checking in the Herald

Does it exist? What kind of research did Dean Johnson do for his lil article, Porn stars, strippers, lesbians: It’s all good on satellite?

Let’s see what’s wrong from my memory and personal experience alone:

But a new era of smut on satellite radio is about to begin – and that’ll be Howard Stern’s fault.

Yeah, cause I don’t here all that shit on the uncensored comedy channel on XM, or the Opie and Anthony show there. Hell, I laughed myself silly the other day when listening to a hard core rap channel, when the DJ referenced a public enemy album like this – “No shit, that mother-fucker was the bomb.”

The five-year deal will pay Stern $100 million a year to do his show and program three separate channels on a national satellite network available for a monthly $12.95 fee.

OK, Stern will not be paid $100 mil, the cost of the whole deal (including staff, studio construction, etc) is $100 mill. Also, the service fee is $12.95 a month, but it was announced that some of the other channels HS is developing will be “premium” channels, ie extra $.

Neither XM nor Sirius have parental control systems in place. Their uncensored shows are available to anyone with access to their receivers.

riiiiiiiiiight. That’s why every half hour or so on the uncensored stations, there is an announcement about how to call listener care to block unwanted channels. You know, so your kids can’t hear them.

Me thinks Dean here likes the idea of the FCC regulating sat radio as well. By the way, where does he explain what the title is refering to?

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