Before me Da and grandmother died, the house had swelled it ranks to seven people. After C.O.D. moved to Florida with his family, then the aforementioned “going home to Jesus” trips happened, we were down to me and Mom. It was nice. Quiet. I stayed out of her way, she stayed out of mine. I would see her maybe twice a week, like a good son should.

The Hotel Corcoran is now back open though. First, my aunt Kim moved in, and will be staying for a while. Then Shannon moved back from Florida this week. I don’t mind him coming up, but the kids are still in FLA, so fuck em. I miss the lil bastards. He is going to be looking for a place to live for when Stephanie and the kids come up in December. If not, we’ll be back up to 7 occupants.

As for Kim, Shannon and I made the funniest frigging prison deal ever with her. I hate doing laundry (the folding part mostly) so she will do my laundry each week, in exchange I give her a carton of cigarettes each month. Shannon does the same. All she needs now is two more “clients” and she won’t have to buy another pack again. How friggin yularious is that?

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-10.

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  1. will she accept drop offs from outside of the house? does she do the ironing too? i hates laundry a little more than i hates the piles of laundry by my bed.

  2. Cigs for laundry? Just wow.

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