Charity Away from Home

It is CFC time for the Army and others throughout the federal government. Along with the AER campaign, this is an annual Army-wide push for soldiers and Department of the Army civilians to pitch in for charity.

CFC, or the Combined Federal Campaign, is a voluntary program that offers us the chance to donate a lump sum or have money taken out of our pay for a set period of time to support one (or multiple) of almost 2,000 charities.

You may have read horror stories of young enlisted families using WIC to make ends meet, and those stories are to some extent true. The amount of pay they earn, or lack thereof, does not affect the soldiers I know, though. Everyone in the office, E4 and up, is giving as much as they can to a worthy cause, and asking about what charities soldiers are supporting leads to personal stories that make me feel like maybe our family is not as cursed as we thought.

There is a wide spectrum of causes our soldiers are supporting: human rights, animal rights, breast cancer research, other cancer research, lupus research, habitat for humanity…the mind boggles.

I donated to breast cancer research last year, but something I saw on Celebrity Poker Showdown (of all places) guided my choice this year. Those who watch the show know that the Hollyweird celebs usually donate their winnings to pro-abortion causes or something very personal. Actor Ron Livingston donated to a charity called Accion International, which, he explained, gives microloans to poverty-stricken people throughout the world. A loan of a hundred dollars or less can make a huge impact in the life of someone who wants to do for themselves and not rely on handouts, giving them a chance at improving themselves and attaining true self-esteem, which must be earned. When he explained it, it moved me, but since then, I forgot the name of the charity. I did a little googling and found it, then hoped it was a CFC-sponsored charity. Sure as shit, page 60 of the brochure, charity #0301.

Mahalo, Ron Livingston. Office Space kicked ass, too.

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-06.

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