My take-away:

  • Both sound like idiots, Clinton was a smooth talking bastard.
  • Kerry called Bush a liar, Bush called Kerry on his flip-flop
  • Bush won the name calling
  • Bush also won on being more deprecating
  • Kerry says he has a plan, never says what it is
  • Kerry has way too much concern with passing the “global test”
  • Bush thinks the Patriot Act is good
  • I get confused, Kerry does not like the lack of coalition in Iraq
  • Kerry wants bi-lateral talks with North Korea
  • Bush has no problem going it without a major coalition in Iraq
  • Bush does not want to talk to North Korea alone
  • Kerry thinks the Army can’t do two things at once
  • I am not voting for either of them

~ by kinshay on 2004-10-01.

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  1. No surprise: My take is completely different.

    I won’t enumerate, because (as I’ve said before) political discussion makes me weary.

    I’ll just say that TO ME Kerry came across more like a statesman, while the President came across more like Vizzini in the Princess Bride.

  2. So, yeah, it may be possible that they each “won” according to their own bases.

    As in the last election, the debate itself may not matter. Rather how it is spun afterward may determine the actual “winner” of the debate.

  3. If the measure of the “Win” is who will have influenced more undecided’s …

    Bush seemed to promise a lot more security and America taking care of America.

    Kerry spoke better, and had more facts.

    Both sides will claim victory.

    My opinion, Kerry came out stronger, but by a very small margin. (And I hate the prick, he wasn’t nice to me when I said hello to him when I was 15 or so.)

  4. LOL! Nice, Shay.

  5. Jake, why do I have a feeling you were waiting for the debate to end and then hit the site immediately, with baited breathe?

    I love this! I think I will put in to have Nov 2nd off from work, make it the holiday it should be.

  6. Also – Mad props for the PB reference.

  7. Interesting

    Of Course, very one sided, but interesting.

  8. For the other side, we have the very entertaining Faces of Frustration.

    While not very issue oriented, it does show how much Bush looks like a monkey at times.

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