New Look

You may have noticed the new look. The dark with white type was getting old to me, so we went Red, White and Blue. Seemed proper to anyway. I ditched the recent comment on the top, as it was ugly as all hell, and hacked my way into doing something a little more presentable, with options.

Under the Da Kine info there on the right you’ll see the new recent comments section. Popup will open a new box for you to read the comments in (1,000 word limit, you’re welcome Jenn’s hands) or inline, where you are taken to a new page with the normal side bar, et al. I prefer the popup myself, but if you click on the link it stays in that small box.

Hope you all enjoy the new look. Jake (the web pro) caught me in the middle of it, and I’m sure it gave him a little agita. I should have had either a test server, or set up a test section with another css linked to it to do it properly, test all the pieces, standardize it all, then apply it in one fell swoop. Instead I banged around my production site til I liked the way it looked. That’s the wrong way to do it. You have to do it all at once, and your pot committed, especially when you forget to back up your old css til 25% of it has already changed.

Now all we need is a kick ass logo. Wonder if there are any ultra patriotic, too much time on thier hands watching Foxnews Channel graphic artists out there up for the challenge?

~ by kinshay on 2004-09-27.

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  1. The flag background looks really cool. But in Firefox the content is right-justified, and it looks weird when I have the browser window maximized.

    Full comments in the “Recent” section – can’t wait to read the next 500 word comment rant!

  2. I changed the center float to stay 10 pixels from the right instead, to show off the flag better. When uit was centered the flag was always covered almost completely. Y’all would prefer it centered?

  3. I like the American-flag theme and all, but is there no way for us to celebrate our Irish heritage also?

  4. yeah put the irish flag up i also think it would be cool.
    but i like the new set-up anyways.
    see my brothas soon in about 2 wks.

  5. No way (re: agita).
    I’m all about the changes on the fly.

  6. Hmmmmm… what’ll you give me if I do it? Will you spend some quality, beer swigging, chest-bumpin man time with Quincy?

  7. “Will you spend some quality, beer swigging, chest-bumpin man time with Quincy?”

    Not only will I spend time with him, we’ll both go out and get laid. Couple a’ neutered boyo’s out for some action. Hot times in the city that night!

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