Calling All Da Ladies

It’s not often a brutha gets married. And when they do, they need a special send off. So ladies of the, buy your ticket to Colorado, and get ready to party. Jake’s last night of Freedom is October 2nd, and while you are not required to bowl, you are required to cheer and jostle.

I’ll order up your costumes for you. Just send me sizes, and stop by to pick them up. (If you feel you need to model it, that’s ok too. Unless I am related to you.)

Kin-Girl is looking forward to hers.

Who knows, if it goes well enough, maybe Playboy will follow up the Women of Enron, Women of Walmart, Women of Starbuck’s, Women of The Home Depot with the Women of, after they finish Women of McDonald’s. We all know only the most beautiful and intelligent women come here.

~ by kinshay on 2004-09-26.

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