Dear Lahd

Will the Donks do anything for that Florida vote?

Yes, yes they will.

OK, so global warming is Bush’s fault, because it was not a problem before 2000. He drives big SUV’s several times a day to and from work. And Kerry is doing his part to end it, he does not go to work, therefore does not burn fossil fuels, therefore does not contribute to the problem. Oh, but he kinda wipes that out when he flies his hair dresser across country to give him a trim.

Did you read the LP agenda on the environment? Doesn’t that makes sense? Don’t you think all of you in Florida and other swing states (plus everyone in a locked state, since it “doesn’t matter”) should vote Libertarian? Come on over to this side, it’s nice and warm, and you’re free to run around!

~ by kinshay on 2004-09-24.

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