I Feel the Need…

Holy Shit – to be young and dumb:

SEPTEMBER 22—The below Minnesota speeding ticket should be in a museum someplace. That’s because motorcyclist Samuel Tilley, 20, was clocked Saturday afternoon going 205 mph on his Honda 1000. That was 140 mph over the limit on U.S. Highway 61. Tilley was clocked at Indy car speeds by a State Patrol pilot flying overhead, stopwatch in hand. The pilot radioed ahead to a state trooper who pulled Tilley over and issued the reckless driving citation.

Wonder if the ole spotstah will get up to 2 bills.

~ by kinshay on 2004-09-22.

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  1. That’s the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love being a Libertarian, but how can I go about joining the “Repubican” party? Is that a monoxodil for manboosh or something?

  2. Oh my god I almost peed my pants… that is SO funny.

  3. Shay,
    Because I have full-time job and I’m volunteering 20 or 30 hours a week for the John Kerry for President campaign, I don’t always have time to read my e-mail. Placing obscenities on any one’s website isn’t being nice. I’ll redo the the picture this evening.

  4. Mr. Mullens was nice enough. I say you stop the “John Kerry Sucks Cock” going to his website, but make sure you get a full-size capture of it before you do so there’s evidence of your evil genius.

  5. i agree w/ da kine. congrats to tom mullens for not being a dick back to you.

    he’s no kalani english.

  6. Dear Mr. Mullens,

    What does it say about your 20 or 30 hours a week when the token Massachusetts Liberal says it’s time wasted?

    Keep in touch,
    Joe Da Yuz

  7. I know putting obscenities on someone else’s website isn’t nice. But let’s look at that statement. Where did I put anything on Your website? Did you grant me ftp access and I went and changed something?


    I changed a file on my server. I don’t see how your wasting 20-30 hours a week after working full time should change the fact that if you were not stealing, you would not have obscenities. I am not changing it back. I can have on my server what I want.

    At least I had the courtesy to send you an email first. Future hotlinkers will not be so lucky.

  8. Well, I guess the proverbial point is moot since he is changing the pic out. Still, make sure you get a full-size screenshot: comedy gold. I think you should send the pic to Terpsboy with a slight description so he can post it. Comedy gold.

  9. The pic there is not good enough? Click it for full size. I just may send it to Shultzy.

  10. That pic is good, but you need to be able to see the URL and stuff, so it is obvious on first glance that it is a website.

    I sent a blurb to root@ his website, ‘cause there was no e-mail link, but Buddha only knows if it’ll get to him.

  11. Here you go Da Kine – Full Size Cap

  12. And please note – if you think I am being too harsh, in his response above, Thom states he works and volunteers, so he has little time to not steal my bandwidth. No apology, no you’re right, I was wrong, just a “Placing obscenities on any one’s website isn’t being nice.” An accusation of not being nice, and of me disfiguring his site.

    I did not do anything to his site, I changed a file on my server. He may not be a kalani english, but he is not being nice either. He gets caught doing something wrong, and in traditional donk fashion deflects it into a tall tale of someone else doing wrong. (Do I smell a vast right wing conspiracy?)

    I stated above, all I wanted was an apology and the link changed. So far I have received neither. So why would I make the effort to change to back? Once the stealing stops, the obscenity goes away.

  13. Free Mumia!

    You an angry sumbitch.

  14. this presumptuous bastid needs the speedbagging.

  15. Joe has nominated, and I second. This is going on the shit list.

    The shit list and hero list are being handled differently now. Instead of side bars, the are a category unto themselves. For the shit list, go to http://www.kinshay.com/text/?c=Shit%2BList, for the Hero List, go to http://www.kinshay.com/text/?c=Hero%2BList. You can also get there by going to the Posts by Category tab.

  16. I object. The dude was misguided and probably a bit angry because he saw it as “defacement” of his site. Let the poor bastid be. How quick can he be? He volunteers for John Kerry, for Chrissakes.

  17. the dute obviuosly doesn’t get it. he doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

    i’m sure he thinks that W is stoopid, too.

    since tom is a vietnam vet working for kerry, i wonder if he has/had any ribbons/medals of his own/belonging to others that did/didn’t throw over the white house fence.

  18. Testing a comment change

  19. Hey, you changed it so the whole comment doesn’t show up in the Recent Comments section, darnit!!! Too many clicks, my mouse hand is getting tired.

  20. Sorry Jenn, it’s set to show the first 50 words, want it kicked up? How many words should it show?

  21. My vote would be for it to show the whole thing, if someone posts a comment here, I’m going to read it no matter what – I don’t need a “teaser” to help me decide. But it should probably be up to the brothers et al., not me, right? đŸ™‚

    Now if you had a comment feed…

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