The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love when the weather starts turning cold. I love wearing a light jacket and the leaves changing. I think I have figured out why fall is my most favoritest season.


Ahhhh to pick up the Tivo remote and spend a solid half hour going through the to do list, deleting stuff I don’t need in order to pop open the on screen guide, then go as far forward as I can (about 14 days), set it to 8pm, and check out what’s on. Hmmm start with Friday night, check what I’m recording, good, oops, gotta catch that one, hit right arrow, see the 9:30 and 10PM offerings, all set good, Setting button, left arrow one day closer and start again.

I am happy about the weaker lineups this year, for there is less conflict. Last year and especially pre-Kin-Girl, I thought I was going to need another Tivo to handle the overflow. Luckily USA Networks picks up the first run Law & Order Special Victims and Law & Order Criminal Intent and plays them at 11PM. But this year there are very few if any conflicts where I am not Tivoing a show I want to see. In fact, there are some gaps in the tivo primetime schedule, nicely filled by American Chopper, poker, etc.

Side Note – Having been watching USA sans Tivo, I saw a lot of ads for The Cell which the will be playing shortly. WTF? They have the ads and all they promote is J.Lo? Never once do they mention the master fucking actor Vincent D’Onofrio? Damn, even the TV Guide channel only listed J.Lo and Vince Vaughn as stars. Is Gomer Pyle gonna have to choke a bitch to get the recognition he deserves?

Nothing makes me happier than the new fall line ups. Well, maybe Kin-Girl, but it’s close.

So far, I was rather impressed with the CSI:Miami opener, though (spoiler) I was pissed they killed Speed. I was really hoping it would have been the dumbass who went all in first hand against Norm Macdonald on Celebrity Poker. I was waiting for a shark to snack on his ass when he went under the boat, but no, they up and off laid back Rory Cochrane. Shame.

The new George Constanza Jason Alexander show Listen Up was weak, just a cookie cutter family sitcom. Wicked played out, but it filled a half hour. And it’s got Theo in it, so that’s bonus.

I have a couple of That 70’s show I have yet to watch (waiting on Kin-Girl) as well as the last 4 Rescue Me’s. Luckily I don’t have to wait for her to watch the season opener of Fatass tonight! Yeah bruthah … Faaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!!!

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  1. Vinnie D’ono is tha fuckin MAN.

    Hezzy’s all upset because she read they were going to “tone down” his character’s “quirkiness” on L&A:CI. I told her not to worry. Vinnie will always be Vinnie.

  2. The best part of having Eames go out on maternity was watching some young cop try and deal with V’s behaviour. The writing was excellent and showed how well the two pahtnah’s get along. He really makes the show, I hope too they don’t try to leash him. Everyone knows genius comes with a pricetag. Nice they actually show his.

  3. Courtney wanted to shoot the new partner in the face and rejoiced aloud when Eames came back. I still can’t believe she showed her boosh on Oz.

    I don’t know if it got picked up as a series or if they’re showing reruns, but ‘The Grid’ with Dermot Mulroney and Julianna Margolis was friggin outstanding.

  4. I think that was Dylan McDermott (The Practice) in The Grid, not Dermott Mulroney…let’s not get confused between the really-cute-dark-haired-leading-men actors! I’m a nip/tuck gal myself on Tuesdays at 10pm (that’s Julian McMahon guys :-).

  5. I know Julian way back from his Profiler and Charmed days. I never would have guessed he was an aussie.

    I have yet to get into the Nip/Tuck scene, though I bet someday soon a few more shows will hit the tivo point and I will start grabbing it.

  6. Then who the hell is Dermot Mulroney? Oh…

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