Me Thinks

Da Kine will be ordering one of these soon. It will help him infiltrate into socialist areas, not causing the strife the Reagan Revolution shirt does.

via SondraK

~ by kinshay on 2004-09-21.

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  1. You fuckers. That was one of the most succintly humorous things written in the English language, and no fucking comments? Not even you, Jake?

  2. Er…


  3. you are #3 all time commenters jake… me, i just read the post.

    ha. funny. succintly, very good, shane.

  4. You ahsshole. You’re mocking me.

  5. i wonder if the shirts are made in guatemalan sweatshops like the che ones i saw at hot topic.

    (not a moore fan, here.)

  6. Notice it is a Bizarro-world ‘slim’ Michael Moore. I only counted two chins.

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