In the House

Aloha, everyone. I’m in country and rocking and rolling already. I arrived at Bagram Air Field (BAF) several days ago and got settled in just enough to get sent downrange. I got to spend several days with my hetero lifemate, D-Nice, so I was quite happy about that.

I am currently at Camp (formerly Forward Operating Base) Salerno for a week or so. Bandwidth is spotty, but about the same as dialup back home, so I should be able to comment frequently and post every now and again.

Afghanistan is a weirdly beautiful country. Up around BAF, there are monstrous mountains looming in the distance and desert everywhere else. Here at Salerno, there is some humidity, rocky rude little mountains at a short distance, weird trees, weird birds, and sissy bees that don’t sting. There are also several towns nearby, and it is strange to see cars several hundred yards away driving much the same as cars anywhere. I don’t know why that’s weird, but it definitely throws some cognitive dissonance my way. It is likewise wild to see the numerous stray dogs and cats that happily occupy the compound. Of course, as Robert Heinlein will tell you, the cats really own the place: we’re just renting.

Courtney will be sending me the digital camera, so I’ll make sure to comply with Jake’s request and send pics ASAP.

My address is below. Feel free to write or send stuff, but remember, I will be at an established base with a sweet PX for most of my tour, so I don’t need baby wipes or anything like that. Sean has promised to send the last Dark Tower book, and I wouldn’t object if anyone sent me the newest Neal Stephenson tome cough-hint.

Shane Corcoran (no rank)
APO AE 09354

Incidentally, I would like to give a mad shout out to whoever invented the boonie hat. It is mad comfy, keeps the sun off, and looks cool as shit.

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  1. Excellent update. Please do continue with the “cognitive dissonance” observations, as these are always interesting to me.

    As for the boonie hat, I have been a fan since age 8 or so when I was going through a hyper-milataristic phase of my boyhood. ‘Nam era tiger stripe camo is the best style, IMHO.
    Is it strange that I was making fashion decisions based on Apocalypse Now when my age was still in the single digits? (Never get out of the boat!)

    Be safe, killa.

  2. Dute – I didn’t even notice the post. Damn my cursed eyes!

    Glad to know all is well. I will be sure to tell Mom to send you baby wipes, playboy magazine, razors and apple sauce. It will bring her such joy, and any you at the same time, so bonus.

    I agree with Jake, you need to report on your observations. On da phone you stated the office was much like your office back in kavaee, what are your digs like? You have a houseboy yet? You abuse him like an alterboy? Tell us all.

  3. Can we send food? (Seriously) I’m sure good old New England clam chowder would turn pretty rank traveling half way around the world but what about candy? It’s almost Halloween after all. Do they have Snickers and Almond Joys in the Stan? What would the guys really appreciate … besides porn. I’ll leave that up to Shay.

  4. Thank you Rach, I believe everyone knows, but just to be sure, I officially proclaim porn as being in my purview.

  5. No porn needed, thank you very much. As far as food and candy goes: in BAF there is a monstrous amount of food available in a wide variety of flavors, so I don’t really need any. Funny you should mention apple sauce, as that is what I eat for lunch here in Salerno. The digs here are quite different than the ones in BAF. We sleep and work out of tents, but the evil Cheney-connected contractors have done an awesome job making sure everyone has heat and AC and a stable foundation (kind of like a deck or porch) upon which the tents are pitched. More to follow.

  6. “No porn needed, thank you very much”


    Someday Kiddies, we will share the story of B.A.H. But not until it is buried in the desert on the other side of the world.

    Rob S – email me, we have a special job for you.

  7. Why do you have to mention that hideous thing even by it’s initials?

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