Everyone, help me convince Kin-Girl I NEED one of these.

~ by kinshay on 2004-08-31.

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  1. You realize the aesthetic of the thing will be ruined once all the cables are plugged in, yes?

  2. Yeah, plus it’s a dirty nasty Mac.

  3. What Cables? Airport Extreme card, bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Only cord will be the power cord (until I find Tesla’s secret)

  4. I don’t buy the bluetooth. What’s the battery life on those periferals? It had better be a year plus, or I ain’t gonna bite.

    What about speakers? What about a zip drive or something?

    H’s iBook barely ever leaves the desk because there are more than 3 cables that need to be unplugged/plugged in everytime it does.

    Nope. I’d rather have a laptop or something big and beefy under my desk with a Cinema display.

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