Satdee Night

Bristol Baby! Night Race! Best race of the year as far as I am concerned. I’m throing in a dip, grabbing my neutered nuts and watching me some NASCAR.

I also loaded up Sierra’s bowl with more water. What’s that you say? Sierra? That’s right. Over a year now, and he’s still kicking (well, swimming.)

I also played with WordPress a bit tonight, I was going to run it concurrently for a while, see how I can make her sing. Sadly, the database import script that comes with it does not work well. It does not keep the post ID’s, and mangles the dates something wicked. I don’t really have the time to figure out how to make it work, so it’ll wait til I can find a new script.

~ by kinshay on 2004-08-29.

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  1. Yeah, I had to do a lot of customizing to import my shit.

    There’s like an “extra shit” sort of field that you can throw old IDs into. That’s what I used so that I could import comments and keep them tied to the right post.

    That all takes work, tho.

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