CMS – Content management system. Currently we use Textpattern, which is good, but doesn’t have the flexability I want. WordPress looks good, but the database issues are too much for me to figure out right now. So I started looking around.

I think B2Evoltution might be the way we are going to go. It also can not currently import the old entried, and for now I think they would be deprecated to a folder (still online, but not on the main blog.)

Some of the main features that appeal to me – You can choose which style/layout you like, and cookies will remember your preference. I prefer Black background with light letters, so that’s what mine would be. If’n you like purple, a purple layout for you. There is also a comment rss feed, as well as a recent comments link which shows all the recent comments on a page, with links to the original posts.

If’n you remember Jake’s old layout – he had three blogs rendered on the front page. This has that built in as well. Since I am posting so much less than I used to, this will work out really well. My thought is we have the ALL blogs front page, which shows posts from, you got it, all blogs. Then we have the brothers only blog, where the brothers post all thier stuff/essays, etc. In additon to that, a picture blog, where we post the funny/slightly pornographic dumb stuff we find that amuses us.

And finally, what I think you will enjoy – a link blog. I think I can set it so y’all can self register, then have permissions to post into that blog. Founbd a news story you need to share? Post a title, add the title url (link to the news story) and in the post section add your thoughts or comments, or nothing at all.

All would show together on the front page, or you can pick which blog you want to visit. Plenty of categories too. It will be much more interactive, and I think a lot more fun for everyone.

Whatcha think?

~ by kinshay on 2004-08-29.

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  1. Every one that I’ve know that used B2 got really annoyed with it in the end. Of course, that’s like 2 people.

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