I Support Garbagemen

I just don’t believe in them picking up trash. Send them home now!

A short while ago, I gave out some homework to the class. In a roundabout way, Jake and Shane answered. I asked with all seriousness. For one thing, I thought it would be a nice solid debate, which is/has happened. But it was more than just a discussion I was after. I don’t know who to vote for. It’s choking me.

I have a few general observations on the election. For one thing, it seems Bush supporters want you to vote for Bush. Kerry supporters want you to vote against Bush. I have not talked to anyone who wants to vote for Kerry. Most likely because he doesn’t take a stand on anything. He flips over faster than a greek cabin boy working his first ship out of port. He needs to go back to his Vietnam record (as a soldier and protestor,) because he has not actually done anything since.

I constantly see bumper stickers on my way to work, as a 128 warrior I have the time and lack of speed to observe my fellow travelers. This being Massachussetts and all, I see far more Democrat stickers than Republican. But the Republican stickers I see are the GWB2004, and Bush&Cheney type. I see few Kerry stickers. I see many “mission nothing accomplished” and “let’s not elect him again” stickers. No one is for Kerry, only against Bush.

Another thing that gets me is the hypocrisy of the Kerry campaign. The call for Bush to denouce the swiftboat vets ads, and when he condemns all 527 groups, that was not good enough. Want to know why? Check out the links over here. Talk about your friggin hypocrisy. The dems are tied in so tight with 527’s they would lose millions in funding for their cause. Did I say millions? As tax exempt causes, they have to report on who they get donations from. Who do you think the top 7 donators to 527 groups were? Republicans or Democrats? That would be democrats.

“Shay”, you ask me, “If you write all this, and given your libertarian/conservative nature, why would you even pretend like you would vote for Kerry?” A fine question you ask. If we are to look at Kerry’s record, he has not done anything for the past 30 years. No great legislation, no great speeches, hell, he doesn’t even show up to work. I like that. He really does not stand for anything. I don’t think he is out for a legacy, I think he just thinks being president would be cool. With him in the White House and a Republican Congress, it might be beautiful. Nothing getting done, status quo, much less bullshit. I could actually get behind that. Even though I met Kerry once when I was in high school and he was a dick.

I guess I always sided with the Republicans because it was tangible. What do I mean? Well, as a Libertarian, I have some whacked out ideas. Think fiscally as far right as you can go, socially as far left as you can go. Who has a better chance of getting any part of my agenda accomplished? If I elect a Democrat, will that end the facade called a war on drugs, and then adults can choose for themselves if they want to do them? Will I be able to hire and fire who I want at my company, without fear of a lawsuit? You wanna be a prostitute? What do I care? If I vote Kerry, will you be able to go legally sell your body? Of course, the answer is no. None of my goals will get accomplished if a Democrat is elected. (To echo my thought above, with Kerry I don’t think anything else will be heaped on either.) If I voted for the Republicans, I was promised smaller government, less taxes, equality of those taxes. Less of that money being spent in ways I loathe.

But the promises were empty. Yes we had a small tax break, but the government has not grown smaller. Spending is at ridiculous levels. This is the results of GW. Yes, I feel we are way more secure today than 3 years ago. But some of the laws to get us there disgust me to my core. I can accept that increasing funding for the Department of Education is something I disagree vehemently with, but that’s just donks being donks. The erosion of civil liberties entailed in the Patriot Act though – this is something that fucks with the foundation of my belief system. It sickens me. Truly and really sickens me.

I am grateful that Al Gore was not our president for 9/11. Taking over the ‘Stan was a needed action. Iraq was not. Is the world a better place for having beaten Sadam? Yes. Do I think George Bush lied about WMDs? No. Did it make us safer? I think so:

Back when Bill Russell was playing basketball, he was getting beaten up under the boards game after game because he wouldn’t throw an elbow in retaliation. His coach told him, ‘Do it one time. Throw an elbow in a Nationally televised game and you’ll never have to do it again.’ Russell did just that and from that point on, he never got beat up underneath the boards again. So throw an elbow once in awhile.

GW threw the elbow heard round the world. As for the loss of international support, I say this. England is a foriegn country. Poland is a foriegn country. Australia is a foriegn country. We did not act alone. (This is really a weak point in my mind because I think we should do what is best for us, with or without the support of others.) As for everyone else, including the French, Germans, Canadians, Arabs, they will not support us anyway. They hate us. They are all the drunken slightly retarded jealous ones. The last thing we should be trying to do is impress them to join thier clique. When they allow us in their clique, it is only so they have someone near by to try an denegrate (think Cordey after she started dating Xander.) No matter what we do, the French and Germans will always be jealous, and never support us. Better to bang our collective heads against a wall than try and gain thier favor. We can never appease the appeasers.

As it is, my vote doesn’t really count. Between living where I do and the electoral college system, my voice will be heard by nary a soul. I think I will have to vote for the Libertarian candidate. Not in protest, not to make a point, but to know I voted the way I should.

Anyone know his name?

~ by kinshay on 2004-08-28.

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  1. here you go

  2. So much for being coy and facetious. I’ve added a swf banner for my prez. Enjoy.

  3. Damn. Beat to the punch. I dig his tagline: “I trust you to run your own life.”

    And I absolutely think you should vote for him.

    Me, I think you all know I’m mostly liberal with some libertarian leanings—especially in the civil liberty area. That make Dubya the worst thing I can imagine, obviously. You’re absolutely right about a vote for Kerry being a vote against Bush. That’s EXACTLY where I am. I guess I’m ready and willing to try someone else’s lies on for size for four years, and I may (surprisingly!) actually have a chance to have my vote counted this year.

  4. Seriously, I wish wish wish someone like Badnarik had a chance to win a presidential election.

  5. Come to the dark side Jake.

    At least go hear a bruthah speak – He’ll be in Colorado next month. What, you gettin married those days?

  6. I heard some bad poop about Badnarik from some other libertarians.

  7. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Bush is a shrub”…what the heck does that mean? It was on a car decorated with other anti-Bush stickers (“Like Father Like Son: One Term”), so it must be bad to be a shrub I guess.

    I voted for Nader in 2000, back when Nader was still cool. I didn’t feel guilty when Gore “lost” because I live in Massachusetts which is pretty much guaranteed to go Dem for preseident no matter what. And hey if the guy can’t get a significant enough majority to avoid questions the voting results then he failed, right?

    I didn’t want Bush to be president but I consoled myself with the thoughts that Republican economic views weren’t that bad, and what were the chances of a single president significantly redirecting the moral compass of our country?

    Boy was I wrong about that. Here is it almost four years later, and our personal freedoms have definitely suffered. Congress is wasting time discussing things like a ban on gay marriage. Congress, RIAA and the MPAA seem to think they should decide how we can use the music and movies we OWN. Dick Cheney gets to hold secret meetings and set environmental protocols using advice only from oil and car companies. Fox is bleeping things on reruns of Family Guy that they had no problem with the first time around. The separation of church and state has weakened significantly (look how “Faith-Based” gets face time on the White House’s front page!).

    I am not happy about the way the country has changed since 2000, and I am more than ready to give John Kerry and his administration a chance at changing things up a bit.

    Wow, I’m actually a bit scared to hit the Submit button 🙂

  8. i don’t vote. i have a zillion reasons why i don’t vote, but the one going through my head tonight is that not a single candidate running would or could represent my needs in any way.

  9. I heart Wikipedia

  10. I registered as a Boston voter late last week and declared myself a man without a party – yup, I had been registered as a Dem. I’ll look into this Badnarik gentleman.

  11. Good on you, Joe. But you know if you register as a Democrat, you don’t have to vote for democrat, right?

  12. I have never affiliated myself with a party when registering to vote. Ever.
    Even though, my vote has generally been as predictable as Teresa Heinz’s this year.

  13. Independant is the way to go. We have had Governors do it now we should have more voters do it. Choice is what makes this country great so do not waste it on party politics. Some Dems are goofy and some Repubs are cool. You should vote for someone on merit – not just because you are “in” a political party. I am a lifelong Democrat because both parents were teachers but I had a lot of respect for Giuliani because he was not afraid to break a few eggs and clean up NYC for the people. I lost all respect for the Democratic party when they were keeping quiet about Kerry maybe not accepting the nomination at the convention. That just underscored what a sham this stuff is. Maybe I need to start a spinoff site………….

  14. Thanks for the advice Da Kine, but at one time, as you may well remember, I was a dyed in the wool Dem. I identified with their platforms and with the majority of their candidates. Now, similar to what Sean mentioned – my mother’s side of the family is filled with liberal democrats, some of whom had run for office and a few of those won so it’s in my blood? – I’m just not feeling either party or their candidate for any office. If I want to go to a convention, I want workshops and an exhibition hall that’s billed as an exhibition.

  15. “my vote has generally been as predictable as Teresa Heinz’s this year.”

    Jake, I am glad you appended this year to that statement, as her vote really depends on which senator she is married to at the time.

  16. http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/20/1423219

  17. […] ! My Social Experiment: As you all know, I am a 128 Warrior. I posted before about the Anti-Bush bumper stickers and homemade signs I see. I constantly see bumper sticke […]

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